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EverGreenCoin Cannabis strives to provide the best information and tutorials when it comes to Cannabis.  Whether you want to learn law, history, or how to make your own products and medicine, we have it all.

You are welcome to join the EGC Cannabis group and current discussions.  If there is something we have missed or something you think we should add, please let us know.

*Disclaimer-The information presented here is for information purposes only.  The information does not represent medical or legal advice.  


Cannabis as a Commodity & Investment


Let's clear the air and talk about EverGreenCoin and Cannabis.  The EverGreenCoin community members are not dopers, drug dealers, drug addicts, potheads, or junkies.  However, we have looked in depth at the facts and see cannabis as a viable commodity and medicine.

Many believe cannabis will be a leader in industry as it once was.  Fuel for combustion engines could run on hemp or cannabis fuel.  One of the first prototypes Henry Ford made was almost completely hemp; from the body to the fuel.  Henry for also made some of his first engines to also run off of ethanol.  Cannabis and hemp can be used as industrial fabric or paper.  Some of the original drafts of the US Constitution were written on hemp paper.  Canvas, used for art and other projects was originally made out of cannabis.  Canvas...Cannabis.  Sails, ropes, and clothing used to be made from hemp and cannabis.  In the 1942 the US Government put out a film called, 'Hemp for Victory.'  This movie explained the many uses of hemp and encouraged US farmers to grow it during WWII.

Have you heard of Hempcrete?  It is a very sturdy building material made from hemp or cannabis.  It is cheap, easily manageable, and strong enough to build your house with.  As mentioned earlier, Henry Ford built one of his first automobiles out of hemp.  He had actually pressed the material together to create the body; similar to the process of creating fiberglass.  Hemp can also be used as plasters, insulation, and plywood to name a few.

By now, most people have heard of Super Foods.  Besides the many uses of hemp and cannabis, they are also super foods.  Both are a complete plant proteins, antioxidants, carry Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, contain cannabidial, vitamins, minerals, etc.  Eating the plant raw or juiced has gained popularity in the recent years.  Don't worry, if you eat the plant raw you will not experience psychoactive effects.  This is because a chemical in the plant called THC-A, isn't released until the plant has reached a high enough temperature.  Juice away or use legal hemp seeds on your salad to get these benefits.

Is cannabis medicine, really?  There seems to be quite a bit of controversy around this subject, but cannabis is a proven medicine.  Cannabis has even been proven by the US government to be a viable medicine.  Just look a patent number 6630507 and you will see for yourself.  So why aren't we using this proven plant medicine to treat and cure a whole host of illnesses?  Perhaps, because there is no money in a healthy population.

There has never been a single cannabis death in human history.  In fact, your body has something called the Endocannabinoid system.  Your own body creates cannabinoids and has built-in cannabinoid receptors.  The Endocannabinoid system is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory, and in mediating the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

EverGreenCoin is the environmentally friendly cryptocurrency and cannabis can help the environment in a multitude of ways.  When the lumber industry plants trees it may take 20 years before they can be cut down.  This is not environmentally or economically viable.  Too many resources with a negative impacts on the environment are used in this process.  A full field of cannabis can be planted and processed in a single growing season.  With the many uses of cannabis it opens the door for the economy and will bring jobs to the industry.  The first country to use cannabis as a commodity will surely be a leader in the Free-Trade Market.

Now, it may be pretty hard to invest in the plant yourself; you certainly can't store 100 pounds in your garage.  However, you can store EverGreenCoin on your computer.  With EverGreenCoin you can grow with the Cannabis industry, without having to worry about a knock on your door.


EverGreenCoin in Dispensaries

EverGreenCoin has the potential to help customers and businesses in the cannabis market.  Let's say for instance, both a cannabis patient and their dispensary are staking.  Both are earning 7% annually on their holdings.

Now, let's say that same dispensary has a collective account, like a food co-op.  Patients could stake any portion of their coins to the collective account, via the 'stake for charity' feature.  The dispensary would then stake the collective coins on the network.

When that patient goes to the dispensary; not only do they have their staked coins, but since the collective is staking, the dispensary can give discounts.  Patients will have the ability to get their medicine for free.




Learn more about the many uses of Cannabis.  From energy, construction, and medical uses cannabis has it all.  This section is full of how to videos, science, history, and medical documents.

History & Science


-Marijuana: A Chronic History


The Science of Cannabis


The Scientist: Cannabis history


Building Materials & Fuel



Here is a video on what Hempcrete is.


Here are some videos on how to make Hempcrete.



-Hemp Rope


-Hemp Biodiesel


-Hemp Clothing/Canvas


-Hemp Paper



Big Pharma


Big Pharma plays a major role in the legality of cannabis and hemp.  Here's how.


Nutrition & Wellness


-The Endocannabinoid System


-Juicing Cannabis





Cannabis and Hemp salve can be made easily and has a variety of different uses. If this is legal in your area make your own and see the benefits for yourself. From first aid to long term treatment, Cannabis can do it.

HERE are some uses for medical cannabis salve.


-How to make Cannabis Salve/ Lotion/ Trans dermal


Proof & Curing yourself


-'Run from the Cure" Updated version about Rick Simpson and his battle for the cure.





Learn more about the laws of cannabis and how they apply.  Learn about legal cases for and against legalizing this plant medicine.  The only way to freedom with this plant, is knowledge and action.


The DEA has classified Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.  Here's what it says: - Substances in this schedule have no currently accepted medical use in the United States, a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse.

The DEA is saying that Cannabis is more dangerous than Cocaine, Alcohol, and Heroin.  Multiple medical institutions have conducted research on cannabis and stated the opposite...This includes Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University.

Take a look at the DEA's Scheduling.  HERE

Jury Nullification

Jury Nullification: A sanctioned doctrine of trial proceedings wherein members of a jury disregard either the evidence presented or the instructions of the judge in order to reach a verdict based upon their own consciences. It espouses the concept that jurors should be the judges of both law and fact.

"The jury has a right to judge both law as well as the fact in controversy."  -John Jay, 1st Chief justice U.S. Supreme Court, (1789)

"The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided."  -Harlan F. Stone, 12th Chief justice U.S. Supreme Court, (1941)

"The pages of history shine on instances of the jury's exercise of its prerogative to disregard instructions of the judge..."  -U.S. vs. Dougherty, 473 F 2nd 1113, 1139 (1972)

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."  Maybury vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176 (1803)

What does all of this mean?  It means that the jury has a lot of power; more power than the judge trying the case.  The jury has the power to give a person freedom where no immoral crime has been committed.  This is what judges don't tell juries and for good reason if they are to protect the states interests.

We must let the people know of their power and we can end government oppression.  We all have an obligation to look out for our own people and not for the best interests of the government or corporations. You may not see imprisonment as government oppression, but it is according to the US Constitution.

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."  US Constitution Amendment 13, Section 1

You are a slave of the state if you are imprisoned, by law.  I'm sure we can all agree that breaking some laws are punishable with prison.  However, non-violent victim-less crimes should not put a person in prison.  If a person grows a plant and then uses that plant to help themselves, who is anyone to say what that person can or cannot do with it?  The private prison industry is the biggest benefactor of drug related crimes and imprisonment.  The United States of America is around 15% of the worlds population; with 25% of the worlds prison population.  Most of whom are in prison for non-violent drug related crimes.  If someone has a drug problem they are sick and shouldn't be imprisoned for it.  There is a lot of money in private prisons and here are some stories about how they do it:

-How private companies make money off US prisons.

-6 Shocking Revelations About How Private Prisons Make Their Money.

-How Much Money Do Private Prisons Make? They're Earning Thousands Per Inmate.

As stated in the November 30, 1984 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

"At the time oft he adoption of the Constitution, the jury's role as defense against political oppression was unquestioned in American jurisprudence.  This nation survived until he 1850's, when prosecutions under the Fugitive Slave Act were largely unsuccessful because juries refused to convict."

"Then Judges began to erode the institution of free juries, leading to the absurd compromise that is the current state of the law. While our courts uniformly state juries have the power to return a verdict of not guilty whatever the facts, they routinely tell jurors the opposite."

"Further, the courts will not allow the defendants or their counsel to inform the jurors of their true power. A lawyer who made . . . Hamilton's argument would face professional discipline and charges of contempt of court."

"By what logic should juries have the power to acquit a defendant but no right to know about that power? The court decisions that have suppressed the notion of jury nullification cannot resolve this paradox."

"More than logic has suffered. As originally conceived, juries were to be made a safety valve way to soften the bureaucratic rigidity of the judicial system by introducing the common sense of the community. If they are to function effectively as the 'conscience of the community,' jurors must be told that they have the power and the right to say no to a prosecution in order to achieve a greater good. To cut jurors off from this information is to undermine one of our most important institutions."

"Perhaps the community should educate itself. Then citizens called for jury duty could teach the judges a needed lesson in civics."

Learn more about the untold story of jury nullification. HERE

"We the People" have a lot of power, but we have sadly forgot.  We are the government because we have the strength in numbers.  Lets take our power back and start helping educate "we the people" around us.

Medical & Recreational States

Alaska- Medical and Recreational

Arizona- Medical

Arkansas- Medical

California- Medical and Recreational

Colorado- Medical and Recreational

Connecticut- Medical

Delaware- Medical

Florida- Medical

Hawaii- Medical

Illinois- Medical

Maine- Medical and Recreational

Maryland- Medical

Massachusetts- Medical and Recreational

Michigan- Medical

Minnesota- Medical

Montana- Medical

Nevada- Medical and Recreational

New Hampshire- Medical

New Jersey- Medical

New Mexico- Medical

New York- Medical

North Dakota- Medical

Ohio- Medical

Oregon- Medical and Recreational

Pennsylvania- Medical

Rhode Island- Medical

Vermont- Medical

Washington- Medical and Recreational

Washington DC- Medical

Current Events


DOJ Prosecutor To Refocus Attention On Cannabis Witch Hunts.


Here's why more women are turning to Marijuana during pregnancy

Marijuana Has Been Named “The Super Antibiotic” Of The Future



-Bill would end federal law against marijuana


-Cannabis Helped the World's Top Hedge Fund Gain 145%


-Cannabis to create nearly 300k jobs in the USA by 2020.


-DEA Schedules CBD Oil as Schedule 1 even though it has no psychoactive impact.


-Fight Cannabis DUI in Arizona


- 9th Circuit court makes it illegal to purchase firearms while alcoholics can buy them without issue.


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