Synchronize Faster


Snapshot to synchronize faster

Rather than synchronizing over the EverGreenCoin network, you can download one file that contains a large portion of the needed history (a.k.a. “blockchain”). This file is called a “snapshot” and is a compressed file containing the needed files.

Download this recent snapshot to synchronize faster.

This video explains:

Please note: the folder mentioned in the above video is “%appdata%/EverGreenCoin/” or, otherwise stated, “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\EverGreenCoin”.

Please feel free to open a support ticket, if you need assistance.

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Putting economics to work for the ecosystem

An investment in EverGreenCoin not only rewards you generously with 7% annual interest on your EverGreenCoin holdings, but also rewards you by supporting all the green merchants, consumers, activists, and thinkers in the green movement. Currency has never been so powerful.