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EverGoldClaim is a combination of 3 gold claims settled in the mountains of Fishlake National Forest near Beaver, Utah.  EverGreenCoin is partnered with community member and claim owner, Donald Thomson, to provide a cache of value and recreation for the EverGreenCoin community and its investors.  EverGreenCoin community members and investors are allowed to own part of the value of the claim, in what is called EverGreenCoin Claim Share(see below).  Through EverGreenCoin Claim Share members are allowed access to the claims for prospecting, camping, hiking, and rockhounding.


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EverGreenCoin Claim Share

 Quick Facts about the Gold Claims

EverGoldCoin Hunt

About the Area

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EverGreenCoin Claim Share


Current EverGoldClaim value: 240,000 EGC

Claim Shares Available: 10


What is EverGreenCoin Claim Share and how does it give EverGreenCoin(EGC) value?

EverGreenCoin Claim Share is a shared gold claim among the EverGreenCoin community, investors, and participants.  Members of EverGreenCoin Claim Share have access to prospect, camp, and enjoy the outdoors on the EverGoldClaim and surrounding areas.  There is much more to do than prospect for gold in the area. EverGreenCoin Claim Share members can enjoy the benefits of owning a gold claim for an entire year. EverGreenCoin Claim Share members also get to participate in all scheduled 'EverGoldCoin Hunt's'(see below).  Documents are provided for land access by the claim owner.

EverGreenCoin Claim Share allows for participants of EverGreenCoin Claim Share to own part of the value of a gold claim with EverGreenCoin.   Each EverGoldClaim has an individual value of 100,000 EverGreenCoin's (EGC's).  Giving the EverGreenCoin Claim Share a total of 300,000 EGC's.  These coins are locked away for 1 year at a time and out of the public trading circulation.

The value of each EverGreenCoin Claim Share is 6000 EGC's. EverGreenCoin Claim Share members have the option of keeping or selling their EverGreenCoin Claim Share at the end of every annual Stake.   If a EverGreenCoin Claim Share participant wants to sell their share, they can sell it at their determined price. EverGreenCoin Claim Share members also have the option to leave their stake and watch the value of the claim rise.  The 6000EGC payment is for a lifetime or until you decide to withdraw your coins. You have the option to withdraw your coins once each year.

The Claim Owner supply's 120,000 EverGreenCoin's; which the staking rewards helps pay for maintenance, annual dues to the State of Utah, conservation, and public outreach.  The claim owner conducts all public outreach events and all of the the 'EverGoldCoin Hunt's.'  The EverGreenCoin Foundation supply's 60,000 EverGreenCoin's and the stake goes back to the EverGreenCoin Foundation.  With just the Claim owner and EverGreenCoin Foundation participating,  EverGoldClaim is worth 180,000 EGC's at minimum.

This leaves 120,000 outstanding EGC's available to EverGreenCoin community members investors, and participants.  Each ClaimShare costs 6000 EGC's; which allows for only 20 EverGreenCoin Claim Share's to be purchased.  Only 1 share per household, but the whole family has access  to the EverGoldClaim.  This gives each EverGreenCoin Claim Share value, because it is finite and marketable.  Prices and terms are subject to change.

Want to reserve an EverGreenCoin Claim Share?  Send a request to Bow Thomson before they run out.

Public Outreach

Boy Scouts of America- Mining in Society Merit Badge ~September 2017

Wounded Warrior Project- TBA

White River Academy- TBA


'Leave no trace' philosophy.

Scheduled Clean-ups.

Road and Land restoration.


Quick Facts about the Gold Claims

Commodities: Primary Gold, Secondaries Silver and Platinum

County: Beaver, UT

Serial Numbers: UMC434675, UMC434878, UMC434879

The total combined area of all 3 claims is 60 acres.  This claim spans over 2200 feet of creek to work at your leisure. Indian Creek runs at a good flow with depths ranging from 10-36 inches, and width ranging 3-10 ft.  This 60 acre placer claim is fairly easy to access off hwy 145 located in Beaver County, Utah.

The Onatali, Onawa, and Indian Gold, gold mines are located on the claim; with each individual claim having a mine.  EverGoldClaim is located in the center of a historical mining area, full of mines from high on the mountains all the way to the bottom. The washout from the claims make the creek a great area for searching for gold and other minerals

An isolated geochemically anomalous sample containing 50 ppm gold and 20 ppm silver was discovered near the headwaters of Indian Creek and Butler Wash in the Butler Wash Wilderness Study Area.  There is also a possibility of finding Platinum in your pan.

While Gold is what most people are after, Rockhounds in Beaver County have reported finding deposits of: Jasper, Chalcedony, obsidian, rhyolite, pyrite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, fluorite, magnetite, and bornite.



EverGoldCoin Hunt

During the months of access, the ‘EverGoldClaim’ will have 1-2 ‘Gold Hunts’ per month.  The ‘Gold Hunts’ will be organized events where the public will have access to the land to prospect and hunt for the ‘EverGoldCoin’ and placer gold.  During each ‘Gold Hunt,’ a 1/4oz American Gold Eagle will be hidden on the claim.  The 1/4oz American Eagle will be called the “EverGoldCoin” or “EGC” for short.

The ‘Gold Hunt’ will last 3-4 days over long or holiday weekends.  During the event, the ‘Gold Hunters’ will have full access to the claim.  They will be able to camp, prospect, and seek the ‘EGC’ all on the claim.

In the event that the ‘EGC’ is found early (ex. Day 1), the ‘Gold Hunters’ will have the same access to the claim for the duration of the ‘Gold Hunt.’  They will still be able to prospect and camp on the ‘claim.’  Even if you don't find the big one, 'there's gold in them thar hills.' In the event that the ‘EGC’ isn’t found, the coin will carry over to the next ‘Gold Hunt.’  So there will be a possibility of multiple ‘EverGoldCoin’s’ during the ‘Gold Hunts.’

Payments and registration for the ‘EverGoldCoin Hunts’ will be processed through EverGreenCoin.org or locally at the time of the event.  ‘Gold Hunters’ will also have to sign a waiver in the event of disaster.

The cost to participate in the ‘EverGoldCoin Hunt’ will be $30 per day ($20 for kids 14 and under).  The cost will take care of purchasing the 1/4oz American Eagle gold coin(s), maintenance, utilities, and fees for the ‘claim.’  A portion of all profits will be donated to the EverGreenCoin Foundation.

To pay for each event there will have to be a minimum of 10 participants or the event will have to be cancelled.  The cost to participate is very inexpensive, because if they find the ‘EGC,’ they will be able to pay for their trip.  Most recreational prospectors believe in passion over profit, so they will still have fun even if they don’t find the ‘EGC.’  The ‘EverGoldCoin’ is being used to provide, the ‘thrill of the chase,’ for those with a passion for prospecting and the outdoors.


About the Area

Recreation Area

Aside from all of the panning, digging, and rockhounding there is a lot of recreational activities in this particular area. Fishing, kayaking, hunting, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking are popular activities in the Indian Creek area. Many trails crisscross the surrounding valley and mountainsides, but remember climbing on petroglyph's is unlawful and destructive.

Taking a break from the pan is easy and there is so much to do.  Just a few miles from the claim is the Manderfield Reservoir; where you can fish, swim, kayak or just look at the amazing views.





Area History:

Beaver County was named by the early settlers for the Beaver River which once had plentiful Beavers along its course. The County was formed in 1886 by the legislature of the, then, Territory of Utah. Early visitors to the area were the Dominguez-Escalante expedition in 1776 which came through the area which would become Milford. Jedediah S. Smith in 1826-27 and John C. Fremont in 1844 also traversed the county area. In April 1856, the first real settlers came from Parowan to build a new community. Fort Cameron was built in Beaver in 1873 for protection from Indian hostilities and also to aid in prosecution of those responsible for the Mountain Meadow Massacre. After the fort was abandoned in 1883, it became the Murdock Academy, a branch of the Brigham Young Academy of Provo. Though the county has much mining and good land for both grazing and livestock, it was prosperous because of its economic diversity. Mining, transportation and trade were helpful and diversifying aspects of the Beaver County economy. Mining towns popped up overnight during the 1875 discovery of the Horn Silver Mine in the San Francisco Mountains in the western county. Though other mines had been found, the Horn mine began a large "silver rush". Much of the early development in the county is due to the mines and their prosperity. The telegraph and railroad were both brought to the county because of the mines. Milford was settled largely because of the mining.




Beaver, Utah


Settled in 1856 by Mormon Pioneers, Beaver City is today home to an estimated 2,511 residents and roughly 500 more outside the city boundaries. Situated 200 miles south of Salt Lake City along Interstate 15, Beaver is the County Seat and the largest city in the county. Beaver is also the birthplace of two very famous individuals of the past, Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television and Butch Cassidy, the notorious western outlaw. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the West can be found near this tranquil agricultural community and outdoor wonderland. The high alpine vistas of the Tushar Mountains, which includes Delano Peak (seventh highest peak in Utah at 12,169 ft.), are to the East. Color Country, encompassing Bryce, Zions and the other National Parks lies just a few miles to the South.  To the West, are the Mineral Mountains, a favorite of rockhounders, and the Minersville Reservoir Recreation Area.


Bryce Canyon National Park



Zion National Park




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