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EverGreenCoin Cannabis Medical & Recreational States

Legal Status for US States


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Medical & Recreational States



Medical & Recreational States



CLICK HERE to visit the Normal.org state law page for more details about your state.


Browse below to see the legal status in your state

Alaska- Medical and Recreational

Arizona- Medical

Arkansas- Medical

California- Medical and Recreational

Colorado- Medical and Recreational

Connecticut- Medical

Delaware- Medical

Florida- Medical

Hawaii- Medical

Illinois- Medical

Maine- Medical and Recreational

Maryland- Medical

Massachusetts- Medical and Recreational

Michigan- Medical

Minnesota- Medical

Montana- Medical

Nevada- Medical and Recreational

New Hampshire- Medical

New Jersey- Medical

New Mexico- Medical

New York- Medical

North Dakota- Medical

Ohio- Medical

Oregon- Medical and Recreational

Pennsylvania- Medical

Rhode Island- Medical

Vermont- Medical

Washington- Medical and Recreational

Washington DC- Medical


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