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Thursday, April 26th, 2018 01:55:51 AM EST

EverGreenCoin Community Meetings

& Updates


EverGreenCoin Community

Every Saturday afternoon, the EverGreenCoin community has a Google Hangout to discuss developments, market trends, business matters, and to share a few chuckles. These start at 17:00 GMT (1:00 PM EST) and all are welcome. Microphone, video, and even participation are optional as you're more than welcome to just observe. There is a group text chat also.

Links to the Google Hangout are tweeted prior to the start, so please follow @EverGreenCoin_ to not miss these tweets.

For help with Google Hangout, please first see https://support.google.com/hangouts/.

We are oraganizing these video updates a bit differently in 2018. The community meetings will be unrecorded so people feel free to express opinions. These meetings are then summerized and recorded as needed in "EverGreenCoin News Reports."

To view meetings from 2017, click here. >>

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