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    site needs google authenticator 🙂 for the security 🙂


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    MC Cendana

    I hope I’m writing this in the correct thread(?). It’s on my experience regarding installing a desktop wallet and sync, and a few suggestions on how to help improve the process for newbies.

    I believe there are many others who might want to install a desktop wallet AND run a node. The help videos at the FAQ are definitely helpful. I’m rather new to blockchain and cryptos and this is the first time I’ve installed a node. These videos had helped to guide me in the process.

    There are a few improvements that could be made:

    (1)In the one on Install + Fast Sync, I was initially stumped on how to get to the AppData folder where EverGreenCoin data is located. At 2:40, the things to type in Run aren’t visible. Users who aren’t too familiar with the Windows folders might meet a dead end here and give up. Which would be a shame. I feel this video should be edited a bit to also include some text on what to type in the Run box.

    In my case, I used Windows Explorer to navigate through the User folder. Couldn’t find the AppData! Then I remember: by default, some folders are Hidden. After changing the setting under “View”, I found it and also the EGC folder as mentioned in the video. Problem solved.

    (2) Sync: I went to https://evergreencoin.org/download/snapshot/ and downloaded the snapshot. However, it still took several hours for my laptop to finally sync! That’s because the snapshot is from December 2016. A LOT of blocks had been added since then. Hopefully there will be a much more recent snapshot of this file. Maybe once every two weeks this file should be updated. That will help newcomers to get their node up and running.

    By the way, to new users: I’ve installed the EGC wallet and running a node on very modest equipment – a 10-year-old Dell Core Two Duo laptop with 3 GB RAM. No problems. I often have a browser with at least 6 tabs open, Microsoft Word, a VPN client and a few other programs. All run smoothly enough.

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    Hi MC Cendana!

    Thanks for the valuable feedback! The video was made by a community member for a small bounty. They did an awesome job, but you are correct that some assumptions are made. While great strides are made to make the EverGreenCoin software, community, and atmosphere as friendly and easy as possible, still a general computer literacy sometimes gets unknowingly implied. Of course, “general computer literacy” is very relative. Maybe you, I, or someone should elaborate on that detail in a comment to the YouTube video. I think that would be very helpful to newcomers! Thanks so much for bringing this to attention!

    In regards to the snapshot, you’re right again. I thank you for the reminder! I did move a more recent snapshot a week or so ago to the web server and forgot to update the link here. As one might imagine, I juggle many tasks for EverGreenCoin. Sometime lower priority tasks easily ‘fall off my plate’. I apologize for that and I have now completed that task. The snapshot is now updated. Thank you for the reminder!

    I am very glad to learn these are your only two critiques and very glad your EverGreenCoin experience went well. Again, great strides have always been taken to make EverGreenCoin an easy and friendly experience. I sincerely thank you for your critiques, which are viewed as a contribution to continue those strides and are being acted upon.

    Many thanks! Cheers,



    MC Cendana

    You’re welcome, Steven. I’m very much aware of the constraints faced by the developers of (now) smaller projects like EGC. And that you are doing most of the heavy lifting. Unlike some projects that have hundreds – or at least dozens – of members taking on some of the weight.

    I’d say you and the core team have done a good job with getting this off the ground. Including the node and QT which is informative. I’m running a node on my laptop (most of the time) because I’m also trying to learn more about blockchain.

    By the way, don’t get too concerned about EGC’s price movements. Much better to spend your time and energy on the most important things. Especially on the various projects.

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