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    Bow Thomson

    I often hear that, this coin or that coin will take off when cryptocurrency takes off. Why are we waiting around for cryptocurrency to take off? Why don’t we make cryptocurrency, more importantly EGC, take off? How and what do we do to make this happen? We can achieve anything if we put our minds together and just do it. I’d like this topic to keep collecting ideas. Let us hear what your ideas are or what your progress is.


    Steven Saxton

    Hi Bow, very good questions. Ones I think the entire cryptocurrency community ponder. I know I do often. I don’t think many of us are waiting, as you know well, certainly not EverGreenCoin. We are evolving and evolution takes time.

    It takes time for the evolutionary improvements to form correctly. After all, now bear with me please, fish just didn’t grow legs and walk on land. First they flirted with land and later slithered on it. Only in time did evolution decide its legs would be legs, or pectoral fins that could walk, and not eyeballs that could taste. I know my example sounds silly but again, please bear with me.

    Of course, what we are speaking of is not the evolution of limbs, but I think in many ways the same holds true. To go further with my anology, we are at a point we have just realizing we should grow ‘financial legs’. Like fish eying insects on shore, we can see finacial systems free of governments’ manipulations, boarders, and restrictions would be awesome and we must go forward to it somehow. We have already learned it should be like Bitcoin, as Bitcoin can make us slither. But how many joints will connect to how many toes at the end of our forthcoming financial legs is still being sorted, perhaps through a selection process unbeknownst to us. Those that sliver ashore with eyeballs that taste will quickly return to safety or fall prey before they can. Evolution will learn from that and try again.

    Another anology I often use is that we are in the birthing process of cryptocurrency. I think in the current ‘crypto-scene’, much like in any birthing process, a lot of what you see going on is brutally ugly. But after all the pain, blood, sweat, tears, frustrations, discomforts, setbacks, false alarms, dashed hopes, and even unintentionally and intentionally failed attemps… you have something that is beutiful.

    One thing is certain about evolution and birthing, it just happens. But in future hindsight it will make perfect sense it happened the way it did, or way it will rather. That is where I think we are with all of this, emerging.

    We are making cryptocurrency takeoff and yes, specifically EverGreenCoin takeoff and you are doing so just by reading my, albeit majorly metaphorical, post. I helped takeoff by reading yours and I took it a step further by responding and so on and so forth.

    I think the ‘how’ is we do what makes sense and if that fails try again, but always keep moving forward. Right now, I think most of use would agree, getting real world uses makes the most sense. Uses like merchants excepting EverGreenCoin. Uses like a reliable store of value with EverGreenCoin. That and letting people know that by investing in EverGreenCoin, holding EverGreenCoin, and circulating EverGreenCoin they are thus increasing its value and therefore giving the EverGreenCoin Foundation a larger financial lever to support the EverGreenCoin branches. The branches then support specific green causes and specific aspects of our environment.

    I think once people realize their purchasing and financial movements are the only true voice they have left to shape the world around them, they will want that voice to be expressed in EverGreenCoin. A voice that not only speaks in volumes of environmental awareness, but also for the precious resources within in that environment, ourseleves and our precious lives included.

    We are on that cusp of bringing to fruition that our financial legs should not only carry us forward, but carry us forward into a better place to live. EverGreenCoin is doing just that and always going forward.



    Gentlemen, it pains me that it has taken my weary eyes this long to review this extremely pertinent thread.

    I agree with you both, however I do believe you have both missed the BIG PICTURE in your very principled arguments. This is about LIBERTY, not freedom. I submit to you that LIBERTY is to FREE WILL as freedom is to slavery.

    If the CREATOR provided us with FREE WILL then the CREATOR must also have provided LIBERTY. Government dictates and declares freedoms, just as a constant overseer must in order to provide direction through pending use of force to maintain slavery or slave like conditions.

    LIBERTY of BEING and PROPERTY, that is what this is all about, wealth it turns out may have a Value in Time instead of paper fiat after all. The Good Book does say something about the meek inheriting the Earth after all.

    Some bits of truth in every in every writing as someone had to experience that in order to think it or about it at all. I find it odd that the Arts deny the Good Book and the Keepers of Faith of it call the Artists heretics and the like. If either side would be patient enough for a little Victory instead of the Big Win, there could actually be a BIG WIN, WIN for humanity.

    It will take off when Man realizes he is a slave to the government that is there to protect Man. After all a government of, by, and for The People does require continuous consent does it not?

    Should have saved this for the blog.


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