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EGC Renewables


Beta development of the EverGreenCoin Solar Stakers.

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    Steven Saxton

    Voltage regulators finally made it in the mail today! Now that I have all the components needed, I will be getting the EverGreenCoin Foundation’s balance staking and sending future faucet payouts via solar power ASAP.


    Steven Saxton

    Here is the EverGreenCoin Foundation’s balance new home. As you can see, it is very much still a work in progress and I did go a bit overboard with the components, but I wanted to be sure to overshoot rather than under and know it would be up and running. Of course, as we get closer to a finalized parts list, a proper enclosure will be designed. Again, thanks to everyone who is contributing to the EverGreenCoin Solar Staker project!


    Steven Saxton

    For those that might not be familiar, I hold and stake the EverGreenCoin Foundation’s balance of EverGreenCoin. This is about 250k EGC and is 2% of the supply (13 million) generated during the Proof of Work mining phase.

    I also send out faucet payments from the Foundation’s wallet usually, though sometimes I use my personal wallet for technical reasons.

    I am very proud this is all now occuring via solar power. Of course, this is a ‘rough draft’, if you will, of the EverGreenCoin Solar Staker that will soon be made publically available for purchase. They will be sold at cost and only EverGreenCoin will be accepted. We are targeting a sub-100 dollar price tag for the EverGreenCoin Solar Staker.

    Earn 7% annual interest! Just add sunshine!



    Just to bring to your attention that it would be a good idea imo to get in contact with this project.


    Steven Saxton

    Thanks, Gizfreak! I have been in contact with them and hope for a speedy reply.

    It is a very interesting project. We were just discussing how most people might run the solar staker indoors and how much less effective solar panels are behind glass.

    Thanks for bringing this to attention! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 12 total)

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