BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign

BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign

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BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign

BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign is one of the most prominent gathering places for crypto-enthusiasts and investors. EverGreenCoin is paying users to advertise EverGreenCoin by using their signature on the forum (circled in red above 3 times). We are also advertising in their avatar position (circled in red, one time).

This crowdfund is to help fund all of this.

Direct EverGreenCoin donations can be sent to: EUX2hobJZXaNzPMhWkopb2KHnd6xDgXgEB

Direct Bitcoin donations can be sent to: 1EzN2kiuUrdEoL32oXWbLdjNmhufQS6FAz

PayPal, Credit Cards, and hundreds of other coins are accepted through this crowdfund.

The EverGreenCoin Signature Campaign has started, but we could still use help funding! Thanks in advance!

Total Backers1
Total Sum$50.00
Start DateMay 29, 2017
End DateJuly 31, 2017
Time RemainingThe campaign ended 5 years, 19 days, 38 minutes, 48 seconds ago
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1 Comment

Cryp Toe

June 3, 2017 at 2:13 am

Great idea.
Looking forward to seeing these while browsing Bitcointalk.

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