EverGreenCoin “The Outsider” Tree


EverGreenCoin “The Outsider” Tree

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Introducing the EverGreenCoin “The Outsider” tree.  This tree and all others are made specifically for the EverGreenCoin Foundation and are one of a kind.  This tree is large enough for a display or as a conversation piece. 10% of the sale will be donated to the EverGreenCoin Foundation.

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Base: Basalt Rock with Orthoceras and Ammonite Fossils.

Grass, and Stones:  Copper, Pyrite, Pyrite Dodecahedrons, and Red and Gold Tigereye.

Leaves: Red and Gold Tigereye.

Dimensions and Weight:

L 12″ H11″ W12″

Weight 5lbs 2oz


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