EverGreenCoin Solar Staker Crowdfund

EverGreenCoin Solar Staker Crowdfund

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EverGreenCoin Solar Staker Crowdfund

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Help EverGreenCoin fund the Solar Staker.  The Solar Staker is being developed not only to help the environment, but to get currency to people in off-grid situations.  With the Solar Staker all you will need to grow your savings and investment is a little Sun.

Funds will be used for R&D, Solar Panels, C.H.I.P.’s, and production.  Imagine if you could pay your electricity bill with the coins you Staked from the Sun.  At the same time reduce waste and preserve the environment.  Help us get these revolutionary Solar Staker’s to your backyard and others.

Donate to the EverGreenCoin Solar Staker Fund and watch your investment grow. You can donate with credit cards, Pay Pal, or hundreds of coins. You can stake for charity or send EGC directly to the EverGreenCoin Solar Staker Fund: EbfHPrXyEjgxExKxFefvFjSPSMR9jQJrQX

Solar Staker Crowdfund QR code

Solar Staker Crowdfund QR code

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Start DateDecember 1, 2017
End DateMarch 31, 2020
Time RemainingThe campaign ended 4 months, 7 days, 15 hours, 13 minutes, 29 seconds ago
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Putting economics to work for our ecosystem

By possessing EverGreenCoin you become the backing of EverGreenCoin. Your support in doing so helps all of our initiatives. By mining (aka 'Staking') you help even more and are rewarded for your computational work. Participants and donors are free to trade or sell EGC on the secondary markets. EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. does not receive any profits or financial benefits from these or any sale or trade of EGC on the secondary markets.