EGC & I.E.O. Efforts

I.E.O. Shares


I.E.O. is a resource management cooperative that is structured to allow many people from many places to contribute to the construction of renewable energy equipment as well as other environmentally and socially minded projects. We are currently constructing renewable energy units to help US. veterans, elderly, and the impoverished in north western Pennsylvania. We hope to establish our service and expand or consumer demographic and our service area. We will also be starting a number of clean up efforts and work shops to educate and bring opportunities to our consumers.

Sold By EGC & I.E.O. Efforts


You are purchasing fractional ownership of Increased Economic Opportunities Inc. This is a private trade between you the purchaser and I.E.O. Our shareholders agreement and prospectus are available on our website, we suggest you read them both. The purchase of any number of shares gives you voting rights within IEO and we would like it if you would stay in contact with us and members of our community at IEOshareholders group on Facebook or on our website. The value of the company is displayed at all times on the website and updated at least once a quarter. You will not receive watermarked share certificates unless you contact our office and request them, you will also need to pay printing and processing fees for these documents if they are requested.

EverGreenCoin is a unique community-driven cryptocurrency
supported by an incorporation and 501c3 public charity,
EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc., at its base.

Increased Economic Opportunities Inc. is an innovative corporate
effort called a consumer-driven Co-Op unlike most corporations we
put the greater good before our personal greed.

EGC and I.E.O. operate in a common-goal synergy to achieve
like-minded goals and share skills and resources.