Marcia Baldwin ‘MIDNIGHT SUN’ 15×15 wall art


Marcia Baldwin ‘MIDNIGHT SUN’ 15×15 wall art

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From the Marcia Baldwin Wall Art Collection MIDNIGHT SUN 15×15 Canvas Horse Wall Art.  Comes ready to hang on stretched canvas.

This canvas oil painting features a Steed with brilliant orange and blue background and is featuring Marcia Baldwin’s unique use of color and technique.

Specializing in brilliantly colored oil paintings, Marcia Baldwin has known from an early age that art was her true passion. For many years, Marcia worked in and around art, as an advertising designer, art teacher, art consultant, and photographic artisan. Now with her own full-time art studio, she hopes that people can be touched in some way to stop and smell the roses for a moment and reflect on the joy and beauty that each day brings.

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