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Rescued/Aquacultured live rock.


A portion of this purchase price will be donated to ocean restoration efforts. U.S. shipping only. This rock has been collected form discard aquariums and dry mined from the ancient reefs under Texas, nurtured in an established aquarium system until it is clean of harmful nutrients with no evidence of pest creatures. Algae blooms frequently happen in the process of nutrient removal but we clean the rocks and place them under lights in moderate water flow to encourage coraline algae growth prior to sale. We can ensure that no pesky hitch hikers tag along and that this rock contains all of the beneficial bacteria you need for an established marine aquarium. Priority shipping is a must. Remember this is a miniature living ecosystem containing millions of living microfauna it should be handled with care. We do not discourage people from perusing this fascinating and beautiful hobby but remember it all has to come from some where, chose to support efforts that work to help with ocean preservation with your purchases.

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Helps ocean preservation and restoration.

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Weight 100 lbs


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