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Increased Economic Opportunities Inc. Is an innovative corporate effort called a consumer driven Co-Op unlike most corporations we put the greater good before our personal greed. Much like a charitable organization we improve our world with direct action, but unlike a charitable organization we want you to actually own a piece of the better world we are building together. I.E.O. plans to improve our national economy, environment, and defense please ask questions and get involved. We can change the world for the better.

Simple ring with light blue gem


Simple ring with light blue gem. Buying this ring Helps build renewable energy efforts to help veterans.

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Helps build solar efforts on the homes of U.S. veterans


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Hello my name is James Magee I am hoping to bring you useful and interesting items to market to help further my personal conservation efforts, as well as bring value to the Evergreen Coin market. I look forward to doing business with all of you.

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Reports: EU mulls more ambitious 2030 renewables goals

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