Waterway Cleanup & Recycling

Waterway Cleanup & Recycling

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Waste turned to wealth in Meadville PA

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We will be building a small electric furnace to turn the glass and metal waste we are collecting into useful products to be sold and using the precious plastic workshop directions for plastic recycling. We will be providing photos and videos of the clean up efforts, the crafting process, and of course the product we produce that are for sale. Starting this small effort will help clean one small water way that feeds into a lager water shed. This small effort will help improve the water quality of all the waterways downstream. From here in the northern part of Pennsylvania all the way to the gulf of Mexico people will have a little less in the water to worry about.

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Waterway Cleanup & Recycling crowdfund QR code.

Waterway Cleanup & Recycling crowdfund QR code.

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