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Industrial Water Power



Industrial Water Power


America Launches its First Wave-Generated Electricity System

How hydroelectricity works

Steam and Nuclear Power


What do Nuclear Power Plants do?  They create steam, yeah that's right, steam.  Just like coal, oil, and natural gas plants.  Nuclear power plants boil water using Uranium rods that make turbines turn from the steam.  The turning of the turbines creates electricity.  This process is called Fission.

The advantage of this over coal, oil, and natural gas is that it doesn't emit CO2 into the atmosphere.  However, there is a very big problem with both types of Uranium used.  U-235 and U-238 are the types of Uranium used for Nuclear power plants.

So why is this Uranium bad?  Refining of the U-238 creates Plutonium, which is used to make Nuclear weapons.  Nuclear weapons are a problem for everyone living and unborn on this planet.

Is there a better solution?  Yes, there is and it's called Thorium.  Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors is what they're called.  Remember the word Fluoride for the Health & Science section of this page. Thorium is one of the most abundant nuclear elements on the planet and doesn't create Plutonium as a byproduct.

So why don't we see Thorium Power Plants?  There are a few reasons and it mostly has to do with the times nuclear power was created.  The cost of creating new Thorium power plants is very expensive, but worth the money, time and effort in the end.  Would you want to give up billions of dollars by switching to Thorium if you controlled a Uranium market?

Thorium has attracted popularity, so there are Thorium plants being built as we speak.  There are actually 32 countries that either; have Thorium plants, are building plants, or that have the plans to build them. If we have to see nuclear power in the future it is best that it's Thorium.




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