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Staking for Charity

Donating Your Interest Installments


Staking for Charity

The EverGreenCoin ‘Stake for Charity’ feature is one of EverGreenCoin’s greatest attributes. Staking for Charity allows EverGreenCoin community members to give 1-100% of their 7% annual stake to charities or other EverGreenCoin accounts. The ‘Stake for Charity” feature has many more applications than just for charity. Staking for charity could also be used by businesses, crowdfunding, and even for college savings. Let’s explore some of the many possibilities with the ‘Staking for Charity’ feature.


When you find a charity of your liking that accepts EverGreenCoin; you are only a few clicks away from making a lasting impact. Simply by imputing the amount you would like to stake to your charity of choice and pressing enable; you can start staking almost immediately.

Charities could then stake the coins that are staked to them; allowing them to make an additional 7% interest on what has already been donated. Finally, charities can do more, with more.

With EverGreenCoin a public ledger is always available. Unlike corrupt charities that hide their funding, EverGreenCoin allows everyone to see what transactions have been made. The documentation of transactions aims to legitimize charities’ spending by, showing the contributor where the funds have been sent. No longer will you have to guess where the charities funds went, you can look for yourself. EverGreenCoin is an admirable and trustworthy transfer of wealth.


Savings for college, home improvement, and even for a trust just got easier with the EverGreenCoin ‘Stake for Charity’ feature. Simply stake whatever percentage helps reach your goals at the time you intend to reach them. A little bit is put away every time you make a stake at fractions so small, you won’t even notice.

What if you could stake your 7% into your Coinbase account? Once Coinbase adopts EverGreenCoin you will be able to stake from your EverGreenCoin wallet directly to your Coinbase account. In just a few clicks you can change currencies and deposit them directly into your bank account or use your Shift card.


Staking for crowdfunding is already in operation and adopted by many EverGreenCoin community members. Crowdfunding on the EverGreenCoin website allows members to stake or make direct donations to crowdfunding projects. Community members can stake their profits back into EverGreenCoin crowdfunds and watch their investment become an investment. This doesn’t have to be used just on the EverGreenCoin website, anybody can crowdfund with EverGreenCoin. Get involved with some of the EverGreenCoin crowdfunds HERE.

In Business

What if you could stake your coins for that new television or stake to go on that long awaited cruise? With the EverGreenCoin ‘Stake for Charity’ feature you can make small payments that won’t hurt your financial wallet. Imagine getting a call for the business you stake to; telling you your purchase was ready. With staking you can make micro payments and put your goals on autopilot.

-Learn how EverGreenCoin can be used in Food Coops HERE.

-Learn how EverGreenCoin can be used in Community Gardens HERE.

Envision the time when EverGreenCoin is $10 or even $100; imagine how much of an impact you will be able to make on the world. Think about the lives that you will change just by leaving your computer on and staking. All while preserving and protecting the environment, that’s EverGreenCoin.

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Putting economics to work for the ecosystem

An investment in EverGreenCoin not only rewards you generously with 7% annual interest on your EverGreenCoin holdings, but also rewards you by supporting all the green merchants, consumers, activists, and thinkers in the green movement. Currency has never been so powerful.