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EverGreenCoin Authorized Efforts

Procedures & Policies

EverGreenCoin Policy and Procedure

EverGreenCoin’s policies and procedures for efforts we aim to help (Authorized Efforts) are still evolving to meet all the various needs of different efforts we help. We strive to have these policies and procedures standardized to streamline our efficiency in delivering help to all efforts. We do have a system of gathering donations for efforts that is very agile already, swinging into action in just hours pending the initial review of the effort. Our software and supporting services are built to do so quickly. These are the ever-evolving steps we follow to guarantee fairness and accuracy.

Authorized efforts categories

  1. Other charities
  2. Community efforts
  3. EverGreenCoin efforts

Adding authorized efforts

  1. Stringent verification – The first step we peruse after learning of a new effort is rigorous research to verify the validity of an effort. This can be very easy in some cases such as with well-established organization or much more time-intensive for community efforts, especially when those communities are in different countries or even continents. Absolutely every effort is made to guarantee certainty of the legitimacy of an effort. We hold endorsing an effort with very high regard. This is diligently done to ensure funds are never asked, collected, or spent on dishonest efforts.
  2. Enabling automated services – Once the EverGreenCoin Foundations and the EverGreenCoin Community are satisfied with the validity of an effort, information is gathered. This will include establishing an EverGreenCoin address. This address may be maintained by the foundation or by the effort itself, depending on the goals and willingness of the effort to maintain the address itself. Then that information is populated into and will include any links the effort may request. There is also the functionality of displaying a logo the effort may want displayed. There are field for both links and images specific to EverGreenCoin, but in relation to the effort, that may also be added also.
  3. Enabling website crowdfund – If the effort wants or deems contribution via fiat, credit cards, or other cryptocurrencies, a crowdfund will be added to the EverGreenCOin Marketplace to facilitate those transactions.
  4. Initial public announcements – An announcement will be made on various social media outlets introducing the effort to the world. Sharing of this information is greatly appreciated. The foundation will urge the effort to make self-composed announcements also, as it does look better from the source.

Documenting funds

  1. The collection of funds usually happens in any of the following ways:
    1. Direct EverGreenCoin donation – EverGreenCoin users can donate directly to the EverGreenCoin address assigned to the effort. These addresses may be maintained by the EverGreenCoin Foundation or by the owner(s) of the effort itself. Having funds going directly to EverGreenCoin addresses maintained by the owner(s) of efforts removes overhead from the Foundation and its volunteers. Though this is only done when all parties (the Foundation, the owner(s), and the community) are comfortable with doing so.
    2. EverGreenCoin Staking for Charity – these addresses may be maintained by the foundation or by the effort itself, depending on what the effort would prefer. IF they are maintained by the effort, they will be indicated by a disclosure of ‘direct contribution’. In these events, the EverGreenCoin blockchain is the only documentation beyond any the effort wishes to provide. In situations where the foundation maintains the address, any transaction related to the address will be documented on the EverGreenCoin website, usually in the effort’s marketplace crowdfund.
    3. PayPal – PayPal contributions will be handled as the effort sees fit. Usually these will be promptly transferred to the effort, goal progress adjusted / noted, and the foundation will cover any fees associated.
    4. Credit Cards – (same as PayPal above)
    5. In-person – If the effort collects contributions in-person from donors, those results are provided to the foundation so that any goals can be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Funds are needed in various forms including, but not limited to, Pounds, Dollars, and Bitcoin. The EverGreenCoin Foundation does absorb these fees and volunteers carry out the conversion. We want 100% of donations to be used as intended, regardless of these conversions.

Authorized efforts with addresses maintained by the EverGreenCoin foundation are not staked on behalf of the effort. This is to maintain optimal transparency of the addresses and its transactions in the EverGreenCoin public ledger.

If you have an effort or wish for EverGreenCoin to support an effort so you can contribute via EverGreenCoin, please apply and we would be happy to help!

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