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Current Authorized Efforts

to easily support with EverGreenCoin


Below is a list of the current authorized efforts within your EverGreenCoin software. You can divert any percentage of your network rewards directly to these efforts via EverGreenCoin Dynamic Staking for Charity.

EverGreenCoin Dynamic Staking for Charity Dialog

EverGreenCoin Dynamic Staking for Charity Dialog

PoE Monthly Reward Pool

EverGreenCoin address EWtVmSQbrR7ZTxBgykbPKpgJtL2JZuDt7T

Current balance = 2789.26730417 EverGreenCoin


Please consider donating to this month's Proof of Environment reward pool to help encourage submissions.

I.E.O. Direct Donation

EverGreenCoin address EKsvjis689QM2QGxNvkrmFEqLiFmmKAXGk

Current balance = 552.4534285 EverGreenCoin


Direct donation to I.E.O.

EGC Renewables Donation

EverGreenCoin address EamRBfnttBGkY1WKY3k5tUi4VVinr6Dpmo

Current balance = 793.92835887 EverGreenCoin


Please help us absorb the many costs associated with the EGC Solar Web Wallet System and EGC Solar Stake Box projects.

Wolfman Farms Urban Garden Direct Donation

EverGreenCoin address EK8hHyGU47j1NzyK8Nyo92yjXXBKEP9ZSU

Current balance = 37012.78266612 EverGreenCoin


Please help support Wolfman Farms urban garden in Kansas City, Missouri, via direct donation.

Trees For Cities Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address EZ6w2gtdskCmBuNpMcpdLXgpcxh7fMb2wr

Current balance = 103.97140682 EverGreenCoin


Please help us gather a donation for Trees for as requested by the community.

Waterway Cleanup and Recycling Crowdfund

EverGreenCoin address EfgaisXXY2Vd9P8mmTHV2dvkrJRBKpzsff

Current balance = 3084.93120826 EverGreenCoin


Please help us purchase a small furnace to turn glass and metal collected from cleanup efforts into useful products. See the crowdfund for more details.

Linesville Litter Critter's Cleanup Direct Donation

EverGreenCoin address EgBmW7jbgLdVp2yQsVXuafscnEZ9Quz3AB

Current balance = 5440.31361384 EverGreenCoin


A community member in Pennsylvania, USA, is raising funds to help with her cleanup efforts.

Greenpeace Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address EaddaRHAjVdnxzY1DeJ13Uuifaino48cjo

Current balance = 136.56746785 EverGreenCoin


We are gathering donations to make a group donation to Greenpeace in appreciation of all their countless efforts. Read more.

NRDC Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address EHcSwz3wusbC1jC9Rpdp5jybmNqWyLNckd

Current balance = 193.36312185 EverGreenCoin


We are gathering donations to make a group donation to NRDC in appreciation of all their countless efforts. Read more.

Kakuma General Fund

EverGreenCoin address EUqKdRXgYJRs6N5LFwjatp7oKg38s3jBQq

Current balance = 151.1819243 EverGreenCoin


By bridging the communication gap we hope to continue to help the learning center better instruct, facilitate better communication for future projects and help instill an EGC commerce within the camp. Please see the crowdfund for more details.

Sierra Club Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address Ef5DU5PaLb3UqJ2cquTpK2Lbd2qvJirz7X

Current balance = 129.25220973 EverGreenCoin


By community demand, we are collecting a group donation for Sierra Club. Please see the crowdfund for more details and donating options.

EcoWealth Direct Donation

EverGreenCoin address EKERqgtcFFFCuz93aHbaQZ2PVVw9ceGmK6

Current balance = 209.33997945 EverGreenCoin


EcoWealth is a Golden Botanic and Hydrologic Archetype Making Botany and Hydrology a Global Force of Work with, Incorporating Mass Meditations and Reiki Healing. Support via direct donation.

Fonzobot Discord Fair Games Direct

EverGreenCoin address EQ9Bx6DYLJrzS2VtVUEzaAyEokSDbsVL14

Current balance = 0 EverGreenCoin


100% of donations to this address go towards fonzobot's Fair Games of Chance house account for rewards in our Discord. These rewards are distributed to players and charities if they use the Gamble4Charity options. See:

French Creek Valley Conservancy Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address EMG7adf2Ri22UXBCWMhSkMKo8MADTpzpeg

Current balance = 211.9976 EverGreenCoin


Thanks in advance for supporting.

The Water Project Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address ESnyK8PZBso1WBUdGuKG2HPZ6sGo78my6W

Current balance = 125.3866166 EverGreenCoin


Please help raise funds for The Water

Not One More, NWPA, Inc. Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address EUUb5REsaMTqjb8K9h9iKdW55Q1LkpPa7U

Current balance = 254.90683525 EverGreenCoin


Not One More, Northwest PA Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit that supports those with Substance Use Disorders and their loved ones in Northwest Pennsylvania.

Development Fund

EverGreenCoin address EX5pZt5nT1mNrJq3t3g2kZfEXzhY1RUYC5

Current balance = 271.88376785 EverGreenCoin


In an effort to raise funding for outsourced development, we are requesting donations.

NFT's Now Funding Trees Direct Donation

EverGreenCoin address ETnubCkzqGcfvBMoJ7c7iNpScEfkRoG1xb

Current balance = 22.73421571 EverGreenCoin


Please consider donating to NFT's Now Funding Trees!

Help The Homeless Worldwide Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address EcEe8QumrKjmYf6nu8a7o1mzZTwhRMJ9uD

Current balance = 101 EverGreenCoin


Please consider donating to Help The Homeless Worldwide!

Clean Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address ELooV1LLzZXhe5CwcK76kH5eubiWaiPctx

Current balance = 260.82230699 EverGreenCoin


Please consider supporting!

4ocean Donation Fund

EverGreenCoin address EJHxLiYFMiKEagF3sk8wTWJ1TRYkWm6CNy

Current balance = 118.69824768 EverGreenCoin


Please consider supporting 4ocean!

Tree Planting Bounties

EverGreenCoin address EXRvQDDH5sb4b458sFA9QAv6dVVWLtWehE

Current balance = 13885.30590481 EverGreenCoin


Please consider supporting our tree planting efforts!

War on Plastics Direct Donation

EverGreenCoin address EL98MH71QMfmyzW8khMEcmjjfSFynpgCpD

Current balance = 720.75178123 EverGreenCoin


Please consider supporting War on Plastics!

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