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April 22nd

Earth Day Everyday With EverGreenCoin!

Earth Day is on April 22nd, 2017. But at EverGreenCoin we feel Earth Day should be everyday! Help us make it so! Read and contribute here.

EverGreenCoin makes Earth Day everyday!

April 20th

"4/20" discounts on EGCC shirts!

The EverGreenCoin Cannabis branch has sponsored a coupon code, "EGCC420" in observance of April 20th! Use coupon code EGCC420 for an EGCC T-shirt and save 10% ! Pay with EverGreenCoin and get an additional 10%, for a total of 20% off, on all EGCC T-shirts. The "EGCC420" coupon code does apply to the EGCC T-Shirt raffel also!

Save up to 20% now! Happy 4/20! Offer good entire month of April!

April 15th

Bangladesh Water Well Crowdfund

EverGreenCoin Water has lauched a crowdfund to build a water well in Bangladesh! Read and contribute here.

EverGreenCoin Water, every drop counts!

Read archived 'Latest EverGreenCoin News' by clicking here.

Introduction to EverGreenCoin

What is EverGreenCoin?

EverGreenCoin is much more than a new currency, a new 'cryptocurrency' as it's called. Cryptocurrency is a sort of digital money that can be used as a store of value or in exchange for goods and services. The EverGreenCoin currency itself is only the mechanism leveraged to nourish our more important focus, taking responsible care of our environment and the world we live in.

EverGreenCoin is a decedent of Bitcoin and EverGreenCoin inherited some great traits from its ancestors. Traits like being able to transfer anywhere in the world with near zero fees, regardless of borders. Zero risk to personal information loss or theft because personal information is never required. Zero manipulation by governments and banks because EverGreenCoin is not printed, or 'mined' as the case may be, out of thin air. Rather the supply is finite, predetermined, rates never change, and only the free market dictates its price. But we, the environmentally awake, will determine its true value.

How has EverGreenCoin improved over Bitcoin?

EverGreenCoin has taken its ancestral traits and built upon them, and in ways more friendly for both our planet and the people storing, spending, and receiving value with EverGreenCoin. In large part, this comes from Proof of Stake mining. Proof of Stake replaces the Proof of Work methodology for making transactions happen and securing the record of transactions that have happened in the past. This record is called a blockchain. For maintaining the blockchain through mining, you are rewarded and this is true for both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.

The difference is that with Proof of Stake, you are not wasting electricity and taking a gamble on what your reward amount might be. With EverGreenCoin your reward is always 7% annual and the energy consumed is no greater than running a word processor on your computer and can be done in the background during times you already have your computer on.

EverGreenCoin is also much faster than Bitcoin. Transaction on the EverGreenCoin network are fully confirmed, which means fully received and spendable, faster than a Bitcoin transaction would get its first confirmation. In what Bitcoin could transfer in an hour, EverGreenCoin could do 10 times over again. Actually 100 time, because of EverGreenCoin's larger blocks also.

Neither traditional banking system nor Bitcoin can give you what EverGreenCoin gives you. In addition, you are helping yourself and all living things by increasing asset potential for EverGreenCoin's environmental aspirations.

How do I join?

It is free to make an EverGreenCoin account. You do not need to surrender any personal information. You do not need a credit check. There are no age or border restrictions. You do not need to make an account on this website, but it is encouraged as it will allow you to communicate with like-minded people. Click here for help deciding which solution is best for your needs.

EverGreenCoin Branches

EverGreenCoin is organized into 'branches'. Each branch focuses on its area of expertise while cordinating with the other branches and sharing resources to work towards EverGreenCoin's goals.

At the center of these branches is the EverGreenCoin Foundation, much like the trunk of a tree, it supplies the branches with resources and cordinates growth. New branches may emerge whenever there is sufficient community involvement to organize a new area of focus. When a new branch is formed, it has all the resources of the existing branches and the Foundation to help it grow and thus becoming a resource for the pre-existing branches, including the Foundation.

The end-goal being a network of like-minded people, each focused on areas they are most knowledegable and passionate about, becoming a towering organization of environmental efforts and success.

EGC Foundation

The EverGreenCoin Foundation is the base of all EverGreenCoin initiatives and funding now and in the future.

Learn more...

EGC Cannabis

EverGreenCoin Cannabis strives to provide the best information and tutorials when it comes to Cannabis.  Whether you want to learn law, history, or how to make your own products and medicine, we have it all.

Learn more...

EGC Gardens

EverGreenCoin Gardens supports gardening, farming, and all agricultural initiatives by EverGreenCoin

Learn more...

EGC Renewables

The EGC Renewables branch looks into the use of renewable energy for common households, starting with the development of a solar staker, that only needs sunlight to stake EGC.

Learn more...

EGC Water

The EGC Water branch specializes in purified water and water conservation and the protection of our most valuable resource.

Learn more...

Cultivate and nurture

EverGreenCoin is a currency designed from the ground-up not only to be an environmentally friendly currency but, an environmental movement and paradigm shift. With both the electrically and computationally efficient and secure algorithm of X15 Proof of Work, now ended, and the generously rewarding 7% Proof of Stake the foundation has been set.

On top of that foundation, we leverage renewable energy in ways our planet has never seen. EverGreenCoin is turning the mining and cryptocurrency industry on its head. From an industry that wastes electricity in the grandest scale, and in-turn our planet's finite precious resources lost forever to produce that electricity, to a profitable and prosperous endeavor for both our planet and its people. Back-feeding the grid it had once robbed. Then those profits are invested into the environment through environmental restoration projects such as forestry and wildlife rehabilitation.

EverGreenCoin will make both our planet's environment and economy better than it was found.

EverGreenCoin Cultivates & Nurtures
EverGreenCoin Roadmap 2017

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Green News

Environmental Audit Committee: Government has 'no strategy or vision' to meet Sustainable Development Goals in UK

Michael.Holder@incisivemedia.com(Michael Holder)
Environmental Audit Committee: Government has 'no strategy or vision' to meet Sustainable Development Goals in UK

Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee issues withering analysis of UK progress towards UN's 2030 sustainability and climate targets

11th annual Aggie Days kicks off at Exhibition Park

Joe Scarpelli
Farm animals aren’t something seven-year-old Jettaya Blenkin gets to see very often, so she couldn’t miss this spring’s Aggie Days. “I just really like to pet the animals and see what it would be to actually live on a farm,” she said. Blenkin doesn’t come from of a family of farmers, but she thinks she...

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Putting economics to work for the ecosystem

An investment in EverGreenCoin not only rewards you generously with 7% annual interest on your EverGreenCoin holdings, but also rewards you by supporting all the green merchants, consumers, activists, and thinkers in the green movement. Currency has never been so powerful.