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Do not confuse an EverGreenCoin wallet with an website account. They are different. An EverGreenCoin wallet allows you to receive, hold, and send EverGreenCoin. Some wallets are capable of staking and Dynamic Staking for Charity, click here for a comparison. An website account allows you to participate easier on this website only. Neither is required for the other. This page details opening an EverGreenCoin wallet. To open an website account, go here.

Hold your EverGreenCoin yourself

This is recommended for users with at least a small amount of computer literacy and access to one. By running your own copy of the EverGreenCoin software, sometimes referred to as an EverGreenCoin 'node', your account can fully take advantage of staking and the 7% network rewards annually. Select your Operating System below to get started.


Download your EverGreenCoin software for Android and see other supported apps.
This wallet is very resource intensive especially during intial sync.
Consider a Web wallet, a Discord wallet, or for your Android.


Build your EverGreenCoin software for Linux
refer to documentation in /doc.
Ubuntu one-liner: build, install, run.
Fedora one-liner: build, install, run.

Mac OS X

Download your EverGreenCoin software for Mac OS X


Download your EverGreenCoin software for
Windows 64 bit
Windows 32 bit
(use 32 bit if you're unsure)

Blockchain Snapshot (advanced)

A faster way to synchronize

By a process called a 'snapshot'ing you can download one large file that contains the entire individual EverGreenCoin blocks that make up the EverGreenCoin blockchain at a prior point in time.

Read More about obtaining and using an EverGreenCoin snapshot


EverGreenCoin Paper Wallet

It is possible to paperize your EverGreenCoin with The EverGreenCoin Paper Wallet Creator much like the bank notes, or bills, you are familiar with from fiat money. While this is perfectly safe to do and, in many ways, is safer than using any online EverGreenCoin software because it is not attached to the Internet. However, EverGreenCoin kept on a paper wallet will not collect any network rewards (7% annual compounding daily) because it is paper and therefore cannot help process or secure the EverGreenCoin blockchain.

Please do not waste paper.

Hold your EverGreenCoin elsewhere

These usually are the quickest ways to store EverGreenCoin. They do not involve downloading or running software on your device. They also do not consist of those where you alone hold your private keys, but a third party does. You are entrusting that third party with those private keys and the security of them.


EverGreenCoin Solar Web Wallet System

The EverGreenCoin Solar Web Wallet System is a fast alternative to running your own software and maintaining a copy of the EverGreenCoin blockchain. You can make an account and an EverGreenCoin receiving address in seconds.

This is provided by a device running via solar-power. Web wallets are inheriently exposed to risks and should not be used to store large amounts of EverGreenCoin.

Because of the existing implementation and intrastructure, staking of solar web wallets is not possible. We are exploring options to make staking possible in the future, but no ETA on that as of yet.

This service is provided & supported by the EverGreenCoin Team, EverGreenCoin community, and the EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc., free of charge for everyone, but the right to block suspicious activity is reserved.

Discord EGC Wallet Bot (A Social Wallet)

EverGreenCoin Discord with Fonzobot

Discord is a modern-day 'chat room' software and platform where the most active community members are daily. EGC Wallet Bot is a Discord robot software attached to the EverGreenCoin network and the Discord social platform. By joining our Discord server an EverGreenCoin wallet is created automatically for you by EGC Wallet Bot.

Staking of EGC Wallet Bot addresses is not currently possible. This service is provided & supported by the EverGreenCoin Team, EverGreenCoin community, and the EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc., free of charge for everyone that has a Discord (third-party) account, which are also free to create. Coins are secured outside of Discord or any third-party control.

Group staking with (Third-Party) provides a group staking service. While fees do apply and it is a third-party service provider, BTCpop is found trustworthy by many in the EverGreenCoin community and has a long-standing track record of support.

Wallet.App by New Capital (Third-Party) is an app for both Android and iOS that EverGreenCoin can be added within, but does not offer staking.

Store EverGreenCoin in's app

To add EverGreenCoin (EGC) within the app:
1) Long hold any icon. You will then be given the option to add. 2) Click 'add' and, 3) select EGC.

Note on exchanges

Some EverGreenCoin users will leave their EverGreenCoin at a secondary market, or 'exchange', where they purchased. This is extremely unadvisable.

Leaving your EverGreenCoin at an exchange is not only risky because you do not determine the security, you will get no network rewards because most exchanges will stake your EverGreenCoin for you. Please be smart and safe with your EverGreenCoin and do not follow this practice. If you are a day trader or plan to try trading for profit with your EverGreenCoin, only leave the amount you need for your trading at the exchange and store the rest using one of the above mentioned solutions.

Next Steps...

You can optionally verify your account. The EverGreenCoin Foundation will send a small amount of EverGreenCoin to your EverGreenCoin address. This is done to help you gain familiarity with the EverGreenCoin software. These automated payments are sent at approximately midnight Eastern Standard Time and you may return daily as often as you wish.

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Putting economics to work for our ecosystem

By possessing EverGreenCoin you become the backing of EverGreenCoin. Your support in doing so helps all of our initiatives. By mining (aka 'Staking') you help even more and are rewarded for your computational work. Participants and donors are free to trade or sell EGC on the secondary markets. EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. does not receive any profits or financial benefits from these or any sale or trade of EGC on the secondary markets.