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  • Too late for the extinct or critically-endangered on Earth---BUT --- ?
    IUCN must be listened to, unless you are one of those who disregards any science on the grounds that it could be fake. Acting is the opposite to disinterest, but what can we do to counter the actions of great industries or the governments of large populations of people? The answer seems bland, but it proves individuals are always important. ... Read more »
  • Forest lives are changing, with combined human/insect threats.
    From Myanmar, through the Congo to the Atlantic forests of Brazil, we are neglecting our rainforests, but temperate forests are also suffering, often from pest influences as global warming really takes hold in certain regions. How to help prevent a treeless future - as always, take these pieces of well-informed, well-rounded and interesting advice.© The Earth Times. Published on The Earth TimesRelated ArticlesCarnivores good for hunters or farmers or just plain dangerous?Lima Call for Climate Change !Condors are in California, but for how long?Losing Our Grizzly Bears: the fall of the wild25th April - World Malaria Day... Read more »
  • Make your Xmas sparkle - just without the glitter
    Dr Trisia Farrelly doesn't want to be the glitter Grinch.But the Massey University environmental anthropologist says we should think of the environment this Christmas, and do away with those trillions of tiny, shiny flecks we litter...... Read more »
  • Climate change: NZ lacks co-ordinated plan
    A Government-commissioned report has acknowledged New Zealand doesn't have a co-ordinated plan to deal with future climate change, which threatens to damage hundreds of billions of dollars of property and infrastructure.The Climate...... Read more »

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Green News

As BP sees the light in solar, oil is becoming a darker stain for investors

Michael.Holder@incisivemedia.com(Michael Holder)
As BP sees the light in solar, oil is becoming a darker stain for investors

BP's $200m Lightsource injection may be a drop in the ocean for the UK oil giant, but it demonstrates growing recognition of the risks of fossil fuels

Despite a lack of snow, Castle Mountain Resort is open for the coming ski season

Quinn Campbell
The barren and brown landscape on your drive to Castle Mountain Resort doesn't look very promising, but it's a different story at the base of the ski hill.

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