Sunday, May 19th, 2024 04:28:52 AM EST

Relief with Pink

Supporting relief efforts during Hurricane Irma


EGC Hurricane relief with Pinkcoin and Bittrex



Relief with Pink

Relief with Pink

1000 EGC has been donated to which is a PinkCoin and Bittrex partnership accepting all cryptocurrencies for Hurricane Irma donations. The donation was made personally and on the EGC Foundation's behalf.

These increasingly-violent weather patterns are clear indicator, we best be not ignoring our impact and environmental restoration needs to occur on a global level.
We commend Pinkcoin and Bittrex for their honorable efforts and are proud to have contributed to the cause.



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Putting economics to work for our ecosystem

By possessing EverGreenCoin you become the backing of EverGreenCoin. Your support in doing so helps all of our initiatives. By mining (aka 'Staking') you help even more and are rewarded for your computational work. Participants and donors are free to trade or sell EGC on the secondary markets. EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. does not receive any profits or financial benefits from these or any sale or trade of EGC on the secondary markets.