Why it is needed

Cryptocurrencies long have been wasteful in power consumption which, harms our planet. We at EverGreenCoin have focused our currency to be friendly to the planet, both with X15 and PoS.

Very Secure Network

Miners keep the EverGreenCoin blockchain intact and free from errors. 15 layers of encryption keep your EverGreenCoin safe & sound.

Many Devices

The EverGreenCoin wallet runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Mobile wallets such as android and iOS wallets are in the works and will be released in the very near future.

Easy Customization

EverGreenCoin prides itself with intuitive design and features. Many safety measures are in place in the EverGreenCoin wallet to make sure human error is all but eliminated.

Proud Community

EverGreenCoin users are on ever corner of the globe. With an active community providing help for one another, you will feel part of a global effort to help our globe.

How EverGreenCoin puts the 'eco' in economics

We now have the technology to not only have zero negative impact on our environment from our system of trade but also pay back the environment for the precious resources it provides.