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EverGreenCoin in Dispensaries


EverGreenCoin has the potential to help customers and businesses in the cannabis market.  For Example, let's say both a cannabis patient and her dispensary are staking.  Both are earning 7% annually on their holdings.

Now, let's say that same dispensary has a collective account, like a food co-op.  Patients could stake any portion of their coins to the collective account, via the 'stake for charity' feature.  The dispensary would then stake the collective coins on the network.

When that patient goes to the dispensary; not only do they have their staked coins, but since the collective is staking, the dispensary can give discounts.  Patients will have the ability to get their medicine for free.


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Putting economics to work for the ecosystem

An investment in EverGreenCoin not only rewards you generously with 7% annual interest on your EverGreenCoin holdings, but also rewards you by supporting all the green merchants, consumers, activists, and thinkers in the green movement. Currency has never been so powerful.