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Renewables Energy


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Discover the different methods of creating and storing renewable energy.


Solar Power

HERE you can learn different way to create solar energy.

Wind Power

Check out DIY wind energy projects HERE.

Water Power

HERE you can find multiple way to turn water into energy.

Earth Battery

HERE you can find information on Earth Batteries.

Power Storage

Find different methods for storing energy HERE.



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Green News

Pressure builds on EU to deliver ambitious Clean Energy Package

Madeleine.Cuff@incisivemedia.com(Madeleine Cuff)
Pressure builds on EU to deliver ambitious Clean Energy Package

Institutional investors have written to Energy Ministers urging them not to water down decarbonisation proposals ahead of today's crunch meeting

Reality check: How bad are Christmas lights for the environment?

Maham Abedi
Here are some ways those lighting up their homes for Christmas can be more environmentally friendly.

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