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Water Harvesting



Water Harvesting

Water Harvesting can be beneficial for multiple reasons.  Collected rainwater can be used for showers, toilets, laundry, gardens, drinking water, etc.  Some US states have made this practice illegal, so check your local laws or use your best judgement.


-Is rainwater harvesting legal in your state?  HERE are the state laws.

So, what is the justification for states to say if you can collect rainwater or not?  I’m sure the real reason is not being told directly, but it is because of waterways and aquifers.  States that limit or main water harvesting illegal, justify this by saying the water in your yard will not reach waterways or aquifers.  However, Colorado did a study and found that on 3% of the rainwater hitting your property makes it to these places.  Read about it HERE.


-Why are Big Banks buying up all of the water? READ HERE


“If you think we can’t charge you for water, just wait.”  -Water Barron



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