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    Hey Evergreenies,
    with the release of the Wallet version I would like to hear and collect feedback and suggestions to improve the Wallet more and more. I will always edit the ideas you have in the first post, to have a good overview.

    – Non crypto easy usable Wallet (Expert Mode for crypto user)
    – Look for trusted Charity Partner
    – Create explain videos for non crypto user and charity partner
    – New positioning of the top task bar and overall design
    – Charity function should have a button for staking for the Foundation (Don´t have to search the Address)
    – Change Charity colours or Design for better reading (Fixed in version 1.6)
    – Speed up transaction speed if possible in the future

    – Wallet is running stable
    – Connections are growing
    – Stake for Charity is a brilliant idea
    – Charity Icon on the bottom with v.1.6 is very good

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    Bow Thomson


    Staking for charity is an amazing feature added to the software. Here are my suggestion for charity staking. 1, get charities to start accepting EGC as charity. 2, have the option to stake to multiple charities and not just one. I am ‘Non-Crypto’ and I don’t think it is too tough. What we need to do is get one of the community members to make ‘How to’ videos. Grumpy Tiger can make videos. The following types of videos would have helped me tremendously when I started using crypto. How to download and operate an EGC wallet, how to buy on bitrex, how to buy EGC from the website. If you are not computer savvy, these seem to be daunting tasks. If we want the average person to use crypto, we have to make it easy and show them how. People should buy EGC before they buy BTC.



    I’m loving the new wallet – the charity option is great

    However one very minor thing I noticed is that its difficult to see the grey text with a green background. (See balance whilst staking), maybe making the text easier to see would be a good but simple improvement, either by changing the colour of the grey or making the green a little lighter.


    As I explained in the bitcointalk thread, I had to make several changes in the design of the wallets to get them done in time for the hardfork. I do realize this caused some visual blemishes in the GUI and I will have them addressed in future releases.

    Staking For Charity is an awesome feature, if I do say so myself. It did require MUCH work by myself and I am proud to have it introduced, if even in a less-robust-than-planned fashion, in v1.5. I have big plans for this in future releases also. I think it is a perfect enhancement to the software for our environmental goals. Green organizations, specifically charities, should be attracted by giving people a new way to contribute.

    The biggest objective of the new v1.5 wallet was the hardfork and making the EverGreenCoin network more reliable. I apologize for having to shelf some ideas and revert some ideas in the ‘final hours’, but it had to happen in respect for achieving the primary goal. It will not be long for v1.6 and all of the community’s observations are noted and will be addressed.

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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