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    James Magee

    Hello I am James Magee the founder and C.E.O. of I.E.O. I would like to answer any questions you may have about myself or I.E.O.. I would also just would like to get to know members of the EGC community better. With the EGC now being a co-founder of I.E.O. I feel it is important to facilitate communications between our communities. If you have been following along you know we at I.E.O. aim to sell discount electric to people by working together to build renewable energy systems. It has been a difficult journey so far and we have no intention of ever quitting and show proof of work along the way. The structure of I.E.O. is very unconventional to allow employees, and consumers to have a much larger say in how we do business from beginning to end. This allows us to build in a more environmentally, and socially responsible manner.

    After fund raising and crowd sourcing we did a mountain of paper work we got incorporated. Then we got to get started doing more paper work. We received $10,000 in technical assistance from the U.S. department of energy and the NY Polytechnic Institute (We have not spent yet). We fund raised and crowd sourced the funding to build the pilot project, working out all of the issues with construction. We now have several homes in my local area willing to let us use roof space for the construction of our equipment waiting in line. We have secured the funding for the construction of our first installation and have started negotiations with licensed laborers local to the project site. We are still in competition for up to another $500,000 in grant funding from the D.O.E. and the NY Polytechnic Institute. The contest runs until October of 2018. Your participation in any way will help promote the idea and efforts in securing funding. If you are willing to help pay to build this effort please ask questions, invest, and get involved. If you own property and just want less expensive electric we also could use your name and address on a list saying you want it. This is a summary of what we have done and are currently doing. As always feel free to ask anything you would like.


    James Magee

    We have filed for a number of other local grant opportunities and have secured funding and space for our first solar and wind integrated system to be installed. This will be a small system that we will be able to move at a later date when larger ones can be installed on the homes. We are hoping to also integrate the EGC staker into our renewable energy systems. This will allow us to expand the EGC community and help all of us further our efforts to improve the world. We are also hoping to help with coordinating tree planting efforts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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