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Planting of trees is the best way to protect our planet


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    Iam a graduate from university, I studied environmental management. Currently iam an eco-warrior and founder of Greening Uganda Group.

    We are reforesting part of western Uganda with one Million trees.I here by request you to help me continue with the same by making contributions

    James Magee

    I know they will be doing tree planting bounties and are always happy to help improve our world if they can. It is exciting to see a number of activist being drawn together here from around the world. Please stay in contact and continue to share what you are doing with me and the EGC community at large. . I know i and many others like to get to know the other members of our community.


    Hi Joseph!

    1 million trees would be amazing! That is a lot of work, I am sure!

    The community would need many more details before they can be expected to help financially. You have given me on Facebook, which looks very nice. I found the group on Facebook you mention, .

    Perhaps explain more about the success you have had? Maybe elaborate on why you are seeking to raise funds?

    Of course, people would need to know this information if they are expected to help financially. So please, take your time and just explain in detail for all of us to understand. Thanks in advance for giving more detail so they can do so with confidence. I understand there might be a technology and language divide. I will do my best to help!


    Here is the gofundme, It has some information the community might find useful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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