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  • nehemia posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    i am Lyama ,The director and founder of faulu production community based organization,located in kakuma refugee camp Kenya.
    we have partnership with EverGreencoin and increased economic opportunities.
    Faulu production works in different domains including
    1.Conservation of environment
    4.Sexual and reproductive health
    5.youth development
    6.Video production

    they have been donated us in different programs.like
    1.the learning center desks
    2.internet connectivity
    3.tree plant bounty
    4.t-shirt and more

    we are facing some challenge because of the lack of equipment .those equipment will help us trough fallowing .
    We will be using those materials in different ways such as
    EDUCATION: to transfer knowledge and skill on video production giving wider opportunity to students.
    to promote innovation and creativity with camp youth talent. Allowing them to communicate with the global audience for expresion, culture, awareness and entrepreunial endeavors.
    EMPOWER: to empower the youth trough effective communication to raise basic, life skills and allow them to educate other to transit the harsh of environment.
    *Be able to make development
    *Pre- production
    * pros production
    For the organization those equipments will help us
    -making reports
    -facilitate all our organization activities and work in peace and harmonious.
    we need support so that we can achieved our goals.

    thank you.

    • Hi Lyama! Good to see you here! It looks like you may have lost the password to your previous account. I will contact you privately. Thanks for saying “hello” to the community! 🙂

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