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  • Peter Pompilio Power posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    @admin Hey Steven, sorry to bother you again. Here is another question, regarding the website.
    The website has a drop down menu for different languages. Now, I’m a native speaker of German and I’ve noticed that the German version of the website is – uhm – not written in a very good German. Parts are just full of mistakes, other parts are almost impossible to understand (sounds like google translate). I would offer to volunteer to make the German website readible. Do you think this would be appreciated? If so, how could I could I proceed? Thank you! Peter (from Hamburg/Germany)

    • Hi Peter. I am aware of this concern in several languages. It is machine translated, yes. Simply put, it was never written in German because I only speak English fluently. Yes, I have tried to have volunteers and even paid for translations, only to find the translator lied about their ability or lost interest in helping when I wanted to make a revision. Revisions happen daily oftentimes and those parts of the site will always be machine translated until the foundation can pay for professional translation services. I would expect the same if I visited a site maintained by non-English speaker(s) and to be honest, happy if they provided me with an English translation, be it even a flawed machine translation. That is not to say parts, less-often-changing parts, could not be addressed and substituted with more proper translations. I will contact you privately to discuss how and where we can proceed. Many thanks for the generosity in offering to help!

    • Ok. Great. Thank you!!

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