EverGreenCoin Advertising Crowdfund (Q4 2017)

EverGreenCoin Advertising Crowdfund

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Every quarter the EverGreenCoin Foundation runs and advertising campaign.  The Foundation runs ads with CoinMarketCap.com, Twitter, NewsBTC, Coin Telegraph, FaceBook, etc.  We are also working with YouTube channels and commercial generators to bring new eyes and opportunities to EverGreenCoin.

The more people involved with the community the more the coin will grow.  EverGreenCoin strives to find new advertisers and promotion venues to grow the coin and community.  Attracting the best and brightest people that care about the environment, will help us all grow with EverGreenCoin.

Donate to the EverGreenCoin Advertising Fund and watch your investment grow. You can donate with credit cards, Pay Pal, or hundreds of coins. You can stake for charity or send EGC directly to the EverGreenCoin Advertising Fund: EXA7hsvEVjkfuCfpvM1GV2NPfRnu7UBWZi

Advertising crowdfund QR code.

Advertising crowdfund QR code.

All transactions for advertisements will be documented. Any overages or shortcomings will be discussed with the community that supported the project.

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