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EverGreenCoin Water is very proud to be fundraising for the delivery of clean drinking water to the children of Flint, Michigan, who have been poisoned by the city’s water supply stemming from politicians cutting public safety corners. Using these funds, EverGreenCoin’s Founder and Lead Developer, Steven Saxton, will purchase pallets of bottled water and be delivering the water in-person on behalf EverGreenCoin and the EverGreenCoin community to a school in Flint, Michigan.  Flint Water Crisis address: EZRzZmA1qX241hJmivz848bckaRd7gnT8X

EDIT: We are so very thankful for the contributions that have made this possible. The Flint Water Crisis Crowdfund has been funded and is germinating. More details of the delivery of the clean water will be forthcoming.

4 reviews for Flint Water Crisis Crowdfund

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    A needed Crowdfunding ! Everybody that could help should help. Drinking clean water is getting more and more a problem on our earth, that we can’t just ignore. Helping the children to drink clean water in their growth time is a pleasure to help them.

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    Steven Saxton

    Clean water is a right.

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    Kevin Richardson

    Yes save the world Im in

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    I have made a pledge on my page (decarlosdanger.com) that 90% of all donations will go to this project from Memorial Day to Independence day. I kicked it off by donating 500 EGC today and am looking forward to seeing that type of transaction occur with increasing frequency.

    Steve, it isn’t that it is a right, it is that the folks who live there do not have enough property to sell in order to move to greener pastures, or bluer cleaner water.

    What is Right, is what we as People do for others in times of need.

    • Steven Saxton

      Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much, Mike!

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