Vindyne Group Promotion Crowdfund

Vindyne Group Promotion Crowdfund

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Crowdfunding complete! Thank you contributors!

EverGreenCoin is seeking to get .5 BTC .4 BTC (~ $450 $400) in donations to secure 1 month of advertising by the advertising firm the Vindyne Group. They are having a Christmas special and the normal cost is .2 BTC per week, so the savings is ~50% well over 50% off normal price!

The Vindyne Group has a very large audience in the cryptocurrency industry and we feel this investment would pay in fold by generating interest in EverGreenCoin.

You can donate using hundreds of coins via Coin To Pay or credit cards and PayPal accounts via PayPal. You can donate BTC directly to BTC address 1J2dWR8yJRnwDYq3dCn7bB71jiRRcuF5nu also. Any size donation is greatly appreciated and donations can be refunded if we do not meet the required .5 BTC .4 BTC in donations by the December 30th deadline.

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April 6, 2017 at 6:52 am

Was a good advetising for EGC but for 400$ I thought more impressions coming in. But over all a good Crowdfunding.

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