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EverGreenCoin Gardens Growing Indoor vs. Outdoor

Growing Indoor vs. Outdoor


EverGreenCoin Gardens

EverGreenCoin Gardens


Growing, Indoor vs. Outdoor


Growing, Indoor vs. Outdoor

Growing indoor vs. growing outdoor may just depend on where you live, but both have benefits and setbacks.

By growing indoor in a greenhouse you have the benefit of growing plants year round, starting seeds, keeping your plants out of the weather, or growing plants not capable of growing in your current zone.

Growing indoors for reasons like hydroponics and aquaponics are also beneficial.  Some plants just may do better growing indoors like spirulina and some cacti.

There are advantages to growing outdoor as well.  SUn, wind, rain, and weather.  Some plants get stronger by having to deal with the elements.  Growing outdoor also gives you freedom of movement and allows for certain tools and equipment to be used.



Learn more about hydroponics HERE.

Hoophouses & Greenhouses

Learn about these 'houses' and which one is right for you HERE.

Raised beds

HERE you can learn about the different types of raised beds.

Mound gardening

You can find more than one type of mound gardening HERE.

Straw Bales

Learn how to use those old straw bales HERE.

Air pruning

What is Air pruning?  HERE you can learn about the different types.

Double digging

This is some tough work.  Learn how to double dig HERE.


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