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EverGreenCoin Gardens

EverGreenCoin Gardens


Ron Finley: The Guerilla Gardener

"Growing your own food is like printing your own money." -Ron Finley

Growing, Indoor vs. Outdoor

What type of gardening is right for you? HERE you can find out.

Compost & Fertilizer

HERE you can learn how to make compost & fertilizer.


Want to make your own Pesticides.  What are GMO's? Learn more HERE.

Making a start

Begin with the hardest part. HERE

Food Preservation

Canning, Pickling, smoking, and more. Learn how HERE

Plant Medicine

Medicinal plants...HERE you can find more.


Why grow your own food?

There are many reasons to grow your own food.  Growing your own food saves you money at the grocery store.  If you get your food from your yard, you don’t have to worry about was is or isn’t in it.  By now everyone has heard about GMO's and poisonous pesticides.  Growing your own garden not only gives you exercise, but also reduces your food waste.  Growing your own garden can give you more variety by allowing you to experiment or grow foods that you like.  One other benefit is eating healthy.  If you grow healthy food, you will eat healthy food.  How about food security or insurance.  By preserving your excess harvest you can use your food for barter or trade.  Having extra food stored also gives you piece of mind in the event of a natural disaster or adverse economic event.  Whatever reason you decide to grow your own food is yours.  Grab a shovel, some gloves and get involved with the universal process of sowing a reaping.


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Putting economics to work for our ecosystem

By possessing EverGreenCoin you become the backing of EverGreenCoin. Your support in doing so helps all of our initiatives. By mining (aka 'Staking') you help even more and are rewarded for your computational work. Participants and donors are free to trade or sell EGC on the secondary markets. EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. does not receive any profits or financial benefits from these or any sale or trade of EGC on the secondary markets.