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Plant Medicine



Plant Medicine

Plant medicines have been used throughout human history by every culture.  It has only been since the last century that we gave up on plants and went to a pill.  Medicinal plants can be used in a variety of different ways for a desired effect.  Herbs can be used as teas, tinctures, rubs, oils, inhalants, etc.

Plant medicines have been used for physical, psychological, and spiritual remedies further back than written history.  Even Otzi the Iceman had an herbal remedy kit.  Read about it HERE.

This isn't to suggest that humans haven't made great strides in medicine int he last century.  However, maybe we should try plants, before having our friends and family drink a glass of radiation.

There are plants and herbs that can assist with just about everything.  Aspirin originally came from the bark of a willow tree.  From colds to cancer and relaxation to energy there is probably a plant that can help you.  Instead of taking a pill full of chemicals next time you have a cold, perhaps you can try thyme or mullein tea.

There are many books and online publications on this subject that describe plants and their uses.  If you don't own an herbal medicine book you can certainly find what you're looking for on the internet.

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