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EverGreenCoin Gardens Tubers

Growing Tubers


EverGreenCoin Gardens

EverGreenCoin Gardens






Tubers like potatoes and yams can be planted from seed, but there are faster ways to start them.

Yams have a unique way of starting if you don’t grow them from seed.  Yams, when propagated start growing little branches called slips out of them.  When your slips are big enough, you can break them off and then plant them directly from soil.

How To Grow Sweet Potato Slips: Getting Started.


Growing Sweet Potato Slips for Containers & Beds.


Potatoes can be planted from seed also, but is faster to grow them from eyes.  Remember the little green nubs that grew on the old potatoes in the pantry?  Those little green nubs are called eyes and that’s where your new potatoes come from.

Growing potatoes at home is easy.


Enormous harvest of Container Grown Potatoes.


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