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EverGreenCoin Gardens Making a start

Making a start


EverGreenCoin Gardens

EverGreenCoin Gardens


Making a start



Making a Start

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part about starting a new endeavor.  This can attributed to lack of knowledge, implementation, or confusion.  There is nothing to worry about when you start a garden; whether you go big or small.  If something doesn’t work out this season, you can always try a different method next season.  The biggest problem for most people is not getting started at all.  If you never sow anything, you will never reap anything.  Here are a few way to start the plants in your garden.


From seed

HERE you can start with a seed.


You can learn how to grow tubers HERE.


What is regeneration.  Click HERE to learn more.

Propagation & Cloning

Save time with propagation & cloning HERE.


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