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Can i simply buy some EGC with GBP?


EverGreenCoin Forums Beginners Can i simply buy some EGC with GBP?

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    I am going through the process, and i simply want to invest some of my fiat for some EGC and to stake it into a charity, i massively support Urban Gardens, its a treasure i enjoy here in the UK and id wish everyone could have access to a garden and some soil to work with!

    So i am simply looking to start building my wallet and steak interest into your cause, i am very open to donations if anyone is okay with helping me mature and build !


    For now i dig around and try to work out how to buy some coins O.o Must admit i dont see how to place orders, i wish it was a simply Paypal to coin transition!

    Be well and keep up the charitable support!



    There are bigger exchanges to trade on too.
    I think it will be hard to find bigger sums at coinexchange.

    The main volume is traded at bittrex.

    Cryptopia is also a good candidate.

    Happy to have you onboard!



    Hi Luke,

    We too feel urban gardens should be, and need to be, part of our modern lifestyles. I appreciate your enthusiasm on the topic and we do hope to expand our urban gardening contributions to society in 2018. We are also planing on paying bounties of $10 worth of EGC for tree planting come Spring.

    There is this service where you can use PayPal or Credit Cards via PayPal, I just now adjusted the price to be closer to market price and ‘on sale’. Please understand there must be a markup because of the risks involved and it is a service of convenience.

    Also, if you don’t know, the faucet is a good way to start. Payouts are usually ‘only’ .000573 EGC, but occasionally bigger payouts are sent. Holidays, days of new releases, or just when I notice there are fewer entries, I like to be more generous. It is in my nature to do so. 😉

    Thanks for posting Luke and it is a pleasure to meet you! Welcome to EverGreenCoin!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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