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Clearing up 'account' terminology


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    I realize the logical comfusion I have introduced by referring to an EverGreenCoin address as an account. People could confuse this with an account here on but, let me explain my motive for doing so…

    You may notice when exploring the new website, I use terminology that is not ‘crypto-orthodox’. For example, ‘faucet’ is ‘verify account’, ‘block/transaction explorer’ is ‘accounting’, ‘wallet’ is ‘software’. My reasoning for this is to lower the learning curve for newcombers to crypto. This might come at a small cost of crypto-literate people having to dig or think a bit to translate, but I do think those end-users are smart enough to figure out my naming conventions. Not to imply newcomers are not smart, but they will already be dealing with many new concepts. I hope to not scare them away with wording that further agrivates their, what might be, frustration.

    I am digging into the core wordpress files to change any website reference to the word ‘account’ to ‘ account’ so please bare with me on that task. Basically, it will be ‘EverGreenCoin account’ versus ‘ account’ or perhaps ‘profile’ should be used for the website, to distance the two even more. I sincerely want to make this as easy as possible for non-techies. Public adoption is my motive.

    I am working very diligently on this new site. If you check back occasionally, I think you will see I am firming up its organization. I have big aspersions for it. Please refrain from sharing it on social media until I have cleared up this ‘account-confusion’. At that point, I will of course inform the community and launch all the planned promotions/advetisings.

    As always, your feedback is appreciated.



    Oh, I forgot to mention here… with the start of the Vindyne Group Crowdfund, I did start sharing the site on social media. So of course, anyone else is welcome to now. This doesn’t mean I have stopped working on it, not by any means have I.

    Thanks in advance for any sharing / promoting of the new website!


    p.s. Merry Christmas

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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