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    Hi EverGreenCoin community!

    I am pleased to announce the turn-outs we are seeing for our planned tree plants are very impressive. As well, community members are submitting planting event pictures for the $10 equivalent of EGC for the Earth Day 2018 Bounty from across the globe! Hands down, the most planting has been occurring at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. The refugees are very eager at the opportunity! So much so, we have agreed to have the first portion of bounties directed to their Internet Connectivity Crowdfund for their learning center that we are helping to establish as an EverGreenCoin outreach facility and to evangelize the adoption and use of EverGreenCoin within the camp. Please see our YouTube Earth Day playlist for all the amazing videos.

    Here are a select few photos, but please follow on Twitter and join our Facebook group to see more:

    Thanks to all, especially Kakuma, for making this Earth Day 2018 an amazing one! With almost 300 tress planted around our globe, it has been an amazing success. We look forward to working with more planting events this Spring that wish to leverage our planting bounty. Please note, rules and dates subject to change.


    Submissions can be as easy and simple as this:

    But for a chance at extra bonuses, videos and added effort will be rewarded additionally! Feel free to be creative!


    James Magee organized a local planting event in his community. Here are a few pictures he submitted:

    It looks like he had a fabulous turn-out! Thanks James!


    Some planting efforts have started in Tanzania to reap the rewards of our planting bounties!

    They even made the t-shirt custom! The organization involved is still getting things sorted and we are making sure the rules are fully understood. We look forward to more from Tanzania in the very near future.


    More submissions are coming in from Tanzania!

    Beautiful pictures, people, and plants!


    More amazing pictures from Tanzania!


    More amazing pictures from Kakuma!


    Thanks Andrew in Virginia!


    EGC TX ID b0c6380b17c507b6a4561abf211322429c6f709de3c75d965540406f753f3062


    I missed posting these pictures from Kakuma. They are from April.


    Tanzania, May 15th


    Rose of Sharon.


    In Tanzania, they are planting a lot of avocado trees to sell avocados in the future.


    Lilacs planted for the bees in Montreal, Canada. Thank you so much!


    Today marks the last day of our bounty! Do not be alarmed if you are still in the process of getting your green on this Spring. Reasonably late submissions will be honoured!

    Thanks everyone!


    Youth group in Tanzania.


    House plants in Manila, Philippines!


    Notice: Earth Day bounties are now being replaced by Proof of Environment, which runs all year long and rewards every month. Rather than just annually and on Earth Day alone.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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