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    EverGreenCoin v1.6

    For those that missed my demonstration of v1.6 during the community meeting, I am excited by some of the enhancements. The biggest of which relate to Staking For Charity.

    EverGreenCoin v1.6

    As pictured above, you can see I moved the staking for charity button to the top navigation. Making it easy to find no matter where in the wallet you are. Also, and an enhancement that is truly custom to EverGreenCoin, is the Staking for Charity indicator in the lower right-hand corner by the staking indicator. This indicator lights up green when staking for charity is active, giving you a visual indicator, again, no matter where you are in the wallet.

    Also, I have had time to make all the aesthetic improvements people have suggested. As previously explained, these did need to take a back seat to the hardfork in v1.5. I hope the community finds me addressing them promptly, in under a month with a new release, reassuring.

    Very unfortunate for myself, the Typola font enhancement had to be scraped. There were two ways I could get this to work. One requiring the font to be installed by the end user and the other requiring the font .ttf file remain with the .exe. The earlier would make an unnecessary step, one I would have to support, and the later would make the .exe have a needed dependency (the .ttf file) needing it to be moved with the .exe. Both of these methods could cause more headache for both me supporting it and the user. I had spent countless hours on the Typola font and, again as previously stated, did get permission from the font’s author. I am very disappointed to have to revert all that, as I was in v1.5 but this time with the needed time to revert properly.

    There are other improvements you will notice, like functional hyperlinks in the wallet. There is also some enhancements, again custom to EverGreenCoin, that will make things easier for new-comers. As you might know, new-comers and those new to crypto have always been a large factor in many of my decisions and development goals. All-in-all, v1.6 is everything (minus the font) I had hoped for in v1.5 and more but had to be shelved in lieu of the hardfork. I hope those disappointed by cosmetic blemishes in v1.5 do find satisfaction in v1.6 and understand why the development needed to progress this way.

    The v1.6 source code is 99% ready. I just need to get in a new checkpoint. Then I am ready to get them compiled for Windows and Mac and will release.

    ETA: This week.


    v1.6 will be an optional upgrade. It will not be mandatory, as v1.5 was.


    I like how you managed the Charity button. Good work steven nice to see more and more progress everyday. 😀


    It is now released! Enjoy v1.6, everyone! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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