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    Steven Saxton


    EverGreenCoin v1.7.3 has been released. This version has improvements to the dynamic staking for charity allowing the dynamic text to be different for prompting or asking the user to consider donating and thanking them after they have enabled staking for charity. Version 1.7.3 also has more technical features added like the ability to “zap” orphaned transactions. To zap orphaned transactions, one must add “-zapwallettxes” to the shortcut that starts the software and then launch the software. This implies a rescan of the blockchain and might be time consuming on very large wallets with a great number of transactions. The “importaddress” RPC command has also been added, giving the ability to “watch-only” addresses that are not owned. It is an advanced feature that will be useful to more technically advanced community members and service providers.

    EverGreenCoin version 1.7.3 can be found at the download section of the website.

    Upgrading is very easy. You only need to run the new software and not your old version. The upgrade is optional, but advised. As always, if you need any help, please do not hesitate to make a support ticket.

    Improving our software to better suite our goals is always part of our mission. I feel v1.7.3 is a good step in that direction. I hope you agree!

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