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    Hello everyone!

    I have recently been discussing EverGreenCoin v1.7 in the community meetings and wanted to take a few minutes and share the progress of v1.7. First, and what will be the most noticeable improvement, will be enhancements to the Staking For Charity interface. In its current form as of version 1.6, staking for charity does require the user to manually enter an address or select an address from their own address book to deffer interest installments to another EverGreenCoin wallet (Staking for Charity). I hope to remove the necessity of this and finding a charity to contribute to in the first place.

    How I plan to do this is to present the user with a list of charities, crowdfunds, causes, etc. they can select by name. Then the EGC address and subsequent “thank you” message will change acordingly. Users will of course retain the ability to enter an address manually or by address book, if they so choose. They also may wish to only be using staking for charity as a mechanism to divert interest installments to another wallet. For example, a user may want interest installments sent directly to an exchange. For this and all the other possible reasons, manual address entry for staking for charity will always be an option. As will staking for the EverGreenCoin Foundation as of v1.7.

    Next is when it gets really interesting! Further options (i.e. name of charity, cause, crowdfund) will be populated dynamically via a list we maintain! During loading, the EverGreenCoin wallet will check for a list maintained on our servers. EverGreenCoin staff will be able to change (always under the discretion of the community) this list at any time. So if for example, a new green charity comes ‘on-board’ with EverGreenCoin, we can almost instantly update the list on everyone’s list without the need for them to upgrade. It is a very exciting idea. I do have the bulk of this communication already working. I wanted to share that progress.

    To demonstrate, please take note of this json file containing some example charity information,

    The following screenshots show this data in-use and populated at run-time. As stated, “Manual Entry’ and ‘EverGreenCoin Foundation’ will always appear. Followed by the dynamic information. Here is the 1st charity:

    1st JSON charity

    …and here is the 3rd charity:

    3rd JSON charity

    Of course, this is not in a polished form by any means. It is only to demonstrate the communication of the data is working as we would intend. As off the time of this writing, I do have a bit of logic to work through. For example, if you were staking for a charity address previously that was removed from the server’s data, I wish to inform the user their staking for charity configuration needs attention in some manner before staking for charity can proceed. Technically they could still be sending to that, now removed, EGC address. But, in sight of the possibility that charity may have been removed for some fraudulent or otherwise undesirable behavior, I do not want people to unknowingly support what was previously presented as a good thing (via EGC funds to that address) to support. Of course, much scrutiny will always be taken to prevent such EGC addresses in ever making it into the list in the first place. But we best be safe, than sorry. Much of that logic, ‘business’ and programmatic, remains but I will keep the community informed to the progress.

    Another improvement, though will be less visible for most, slated for v1.7 are any updates to the code that need to take place for relied-upon building tools and libraries. Some of this may extend form making the software function correctly on various Single Board Computers (SBC) as the EverGreenCoin Solar Staker progresses. There are some less-robust SMB that may need modifications. I hope to full-fill any of those requirements in v1.7 as well. Of course, other and various enhancements to the code such as new checkpoints or any other updates will certainly be in v1.7. But they may not need mention as is standard practice of any new release.

    Version 1.7 very well might contain any-other-number of enhancements as we are constantly looking to improve. That said, time commitments are a variable, so please always consider and respect that. I and others do have a life, families, jobs, and various other commitments. No one is being paid hourly or salary. No one is anyone’s boss. We all contribute because we want to. I do not mean to present the above information as the ‘only’ enhancements in v1.7, only the certainties as of this time. Version 1.7 is roadmapped in Q4 of 2017. Due expect its release prior to EverGreenCoin’s 2nd ‘birthday’ (Christmas morning), probably much, much sooner than the actual ‘launch (Dec 25, 2015) anniversary’ I am referring to as ‘birthday’.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this update. I hope I have explained clearly. Do feel free to comment in a reply to this post or in any other way you feel comfortable. I will certainly keep the community up-to-date as v1.7 progresses.



    Thanks for the updates Steve.

    Would it be useful to add a checksum of the JSON file somewhere, such as on github as an added layer of security?

    My concern is the capability for someone to falsify the JSON data mid-stream. I am not sure whether this is still possible, but MITM via a hostile HTTP(s) proxy could result in charity addresses being modified, so staking for charity is sent to an alternate address.

    Of course, anyone can modify the sources to do that, but we need to draw a line somewhere: trusted binary? trusted web browsers (i.e., they won’t let us visit invalid HTTPS cert sites anymore)? What are your thoughts on that?

    Great progress all!


    Ahoy arfonzo!

    You bring up a valid point. We do not want people to be able to hijack the data and present their own EGC address as a charity to others. While I think that possibility might be remote, it could still be a possibility. I will look into and employ a verification method that will ensure the data has come from EverGreenCoin.

    Yes, users can try to introduce problems by modifying the open source code and then compiling their own malicious version. We have seen similar attempts, unfortunately. During PoW someone modified the foundation’s percentage of the block reward and then tried to present it in Bitcointalk as I (maintaining the foundation’s wallet) lied about 2% of the block reward going to the foundation and was taking a greater percentage of the block reward. Fortunately, this person was only able to mine PoW blocks on an unmaintained fork that had much lower nethash. These ‘falsified block reward’ blocks never occurred on the proper blockchain. So yes, people will do all sorts of things, sad to say. Even just to discredit a project and developer it seems, as was the case in the example I explained. We should and will be proactive in making sure they cannot, you’re absolutely correct.

    Great suggestion. Thanks for taking the time to make it!



    A community member (starmman) more active on suggested a refresh button to repopulate the data. This way users could verify they have the current charity data without the need to restart the software.

    Another great idea that will be incorporated into v1.7

    Thank you, starmman! =)


    Hello, Steven Saxton

    Glad to be coming soon EverGreenCoin v1.7, especially in charity efforts, I am happy to see this change.

    Thank you for your hard work


    EGC v1.7 enhancements


    It should not be much longer. Final tests have started, though there is one final enhancement I might try to squeeze in. Just a few more days, tops.

    Thanks for your patience!


    Windows and Mac v1.7 wallets are now being compiled. I will upgrade seednodes while those tests start and continue, release within 24 hours. I had to shelve all the SSL 1.1 stuff for a bit, life just keeps getting in the way as of late. That is not to say much work has not gone into v1.7, it has. So much so, that I didn’t want to hold those enhancements any longer. SSL 1.1 compatible code will be in a future release.

    Again, and all tests permitting, v1.7 for Windows and Mac should be released within 24 hours of the time of this writing. A new Android wallet (with all functions) will be compiled as soon as possible thereafter. Possible release of the new v1.7 code Android wallet this week.

    Thanks for all the patience for v1.7, everyone! It will not be much longer now.


    There has been an issue uncovered on the 32 bit Windows build. This issue only applies to x86 dependencies and therefor, only the 32 bit Windows build is effected. The 64 bit x64 Windows build is working as expected.

    Unfortunately, I do have to postpone the release of v1.7 at this time. It will not be release within the previously mentioned 24 hour window as we had hoped. We are still actively pursuing it at this hour, but we would be past the 24 hour window after fully testing the build when we finally do get it to build properly for 32 bit Windows.

    I do apologize for this setback and the delay it has caused, but it is only a setback and a delay. Rest assured knowing, v1.7 is being released as soon as physically possible.

    Thank you for your continued patience.


    I am pleased to announce, EverGreenCoin version 1.7 has been released! Find yours at

    The Android v1.7 will be readied in the coming days.

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