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    We do have much in the works and planned for v1.8, but here is a glimpse of the Qt wallet dynamically displaying a charity’s image (logo or else-wise) upon selection from the drop-down for EverGreenCoin Staking for Charity. This data is stored in the EverGreenCoin charities.json file and can be changed at will and wallets would display the newly changed image.

    Work continues… No firm ETA as of this time.

    Thanks for the continued support!


    This code has been pushed to a work-in-progress code repository,

    The first commit, , is the functional start of displaying the logos.

    There are many other enhancements, especially from a UI (user interface) perspective, that will be included in v1.8. New features such as supporting different authorized efforts via staking for charity simultaneously is still in early development. For all of those reasons, please do not be expecting v1.8 immediately. Many, many changes need to occur and potentially redesigning the UI. Also dependencies might change. There is substantial work, and then testing that work, that does remain.

    We do aim to make v1.8 a very notable upgrade. No firm ETA at this time. But I can tell you, do expect it in the third quarter. Art and I are working on a new Windows build environment so we can quicker test, what is assured to be many, incremental test builds. There is much work that remains, but work continues diligently.


    The above repository will be removed as this development was move to:

    I did demonstrate this functionality during the June 21st video update, if you care to see it in action. During the recording, I was connected remotely into my development machine and is the cause for some distortion and granular display of the in-progress software.


    Work is ongoing for v1.8 as planned. We are addressing many concerns and a few bugs in v1.8, but none of those bugs are big ones. More so nuisances, but squashed they will be in v1.8!

    There are also some unannounced enhancements, but I will reserve those announcements for after I am certain it is functional and fully tested.

    I will make a video update in the coming days and cover the progress of v1.8. We fully expect to deliver v1.8 in September.

    Thanks for the continued support!


    EverGreenCoin version 1.8 source code has been committed,

    The new wallet has a completely restyled user interface and is very attractive. Several user experience enhancements including: The lock button on the overview locking, unlocking, and re-locking as expected when a transaction is made from a locked wallet or unlocked for staking only (not sending) state. Copying a transaction ID from the ‘Transactions’ tab will no longer include the trailing recipient ID (i.e. -000).

    It is compatible with Open SSL v1.1 and is reverse compatible. Authorized efforts’ logos now populate in the Staking for Charity tab of the wallet upon selection.

    Windows and Mac v1.8 wallets are currently being compiled and should be released within 24 hours. We hope you enjoy EverGreenCoin version 1.8!

    Thanks for the continued support that makes all this possible!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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