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    EverGreenCoin v1.5

    I am readying EverGreenCoin version 1.5 for release next weekend. The code is ready, I am just stylizing now. It will be a required upgrade. You can upgrade whenever you wish after it has been released, but you will not be able to stake or send and receive with an old wallet after it has been released. It will be a network wide protocol upgrade in preparation of a hardfork that will occur ~24 hours after the release.


    Great stuff – I like new wallet versions =)


    So the community is aware, I will be making the EverGreenCoin github repo private tomorrow. I am getting ready to push the preliminary v1.5 source code and this code does need to remain private and out of public use until the time of the network upgrade. If any established member of the community would like to peer review the v1.5 code while it is private repo’ed, please PM me.

    At this time I am announcing, the network upgrade will happen on Saturday, February 18th at 05:00 GMT. At that time all seednodes will be stopped and that block height will be the last block on the, what will become, old network protocol version (80000). When all seednodes are running properly on the new network protocol version (80015), EverGreenCoin Version 1.5 wallets will be released and the repo made public again. There will be a brief window of time while backups of the blockchain are made for historical purposes and the new v1.5 daemons are brought online. Ever effort will be made to make this window short and of course, I will be in communication during it.

    What does this mean? You need to have stopped your EverGreenCoin wallet prior to Saturday, February 18th at 05:00 GMT and not run it again until after you have upgraded to version 1.5. At that time (Saturday, February 18th at 05:00 GMT, aka ‘big bang’ time) and going forward, all versions of EverGreenCoin wallets other than version 1.5 will not work. Your old executable file (v1.3 – v1.4.2) will be useless and should be deleted (DO NOT delete your wallet.dat file) after so you do not accidentally run it ever again. Upgrading will be simple, you will only need to run the new v1.5 executable that will be made available. If you do run your existing version (v1.3 – v1.4.2) past February 18th at 05:00 GMT, you will need to resync after you have upgraded. In any event, your EverGreenCoin are safe. As with any upgrade, it is advisable to make a backup of your wallet.dat file prior to upgrading, just to be safe.

    This time is subject to change, but only if absolutely needed. If you have any questions or confusion, please do not hesitate to ask either publicly or privately.

    Sanjeet Rao Dora

    Wow… will be definitely a great step for EverGreen community…:)

    Bow Thomson

    Great work guys. I hear there are some breakthrough additions on this version.


    Sorry for the delay everyone. It would seem one of our network admins is absent and he is needed. Every effort is being made to contact him and find his status.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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