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    as the title says ^^ VERY important 🙂


    imagine if somebody have your password. they can’t login without the google authenticator code’s

    that’s why 🙂 tell me a reason why not to put it on the site


    I suggest not giving your password to anyone. You do realize the site is using SSL, no?

    Some users will not appreciate surrendering their data to google nor installing their software.

    I will look into optionally adding 2FA. Thanks for the suggestion and input!


    I was about to say do 2FA then and no obversely not give out passwords, 🙂 but you know some people are very unlucky and get may get infected and losing passwords that way 🙂 and that’s why we need it

    and the SSL don’t help anything if the Stub has SSL Decryption

    and may do so you can whitelist your own IP and block tor exit nodes incase you wish to block tor exit nodes

    all this is just some of my idea so we all can have a nice feeling about safety 😀

    btw Im so excited about what is going to happening with this coin 😀


    I appreciate and do share your wish to make users of safe and secure. It seems you are well-versed in the terminology and I would appreciate any ‘peer-review’ from a fellow website administrator. There are many in the community that have been very helpful to EverGreenCoin. We have a collection of smart cookies! But the jar, never too full!

    Please understand security and privacy are priorities for EverGreenCoin. We have gone through great measures, both financially and in man-hours, to deliver just that. We feel, given the current website, current capabilities, and current data stored, we have delivered that.

    Suggesting SSL “don’t help” with safety because of any sites compromise is absurd. Please do not mislead community members to thinking so. StubHub was compromised by physically stolen passwords, to the best of my knowledge. Not a failure of SSL. SSL prevents passwords from very easily being stolen electronically, in fact. But it is not an end-all to security and there is no single end-all to security, agreed.

    2FA is typically used for sites that store sensitive data about their users. does not store sensitive data beyond a ‘name’ field at this point in time, but may in the future with integrated EGC web wallets. Of course the plans for EGC web wallets included the prerequisite of 2FA. But we can begin assessing the needed changes, perhaps implementing an optional 2FA in the near future.

    ToR is a great tool for freedom a speech. One could easily argue allowing ToR might make users feel safer to express ideas openly, when otherwise, they could not. EGC is a global project. Some people might need to use ToR to freely express opinions, in-spite of governments or organizations tracking the traffic and thus the opinion. Do you see some reason ToR would need to be blocked at this time? Failed logins are tracked, alerts raised when exceeded, and accounts locked. So the tactic of brute forcing accounts, if even from various ToR exit nodes, has already been subverted.

    Thanks for your insight!


    hey 🙂 thanks for the very good answer and i will never mislead any members 🙂 ^^i just really think this community will get so god damn far and that’s why im trying to protecting even if im very new here, but i see a very very good future for the EGC 🙂

    and thanks for adding 2fa in the future i also think that will bring more members to the community 🙂

    and about the tor network : what i mean is .. under my profile settings i will
    like if i could block tor exit nodes from login acces and only whitelist my own IP 🙂 as an example 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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